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Posted: Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Indian cricket legend not coming for friendly match with Lara at Tarouba

Marcia and Avason never resigned as magistrates

HOURS after telling police a harrowing tale of being kidnapped, drugged, bound, gagged and thrown into the trunk of a car, only to be 'rescued' by police

Fake 'kidnap victim' gets $15,000 bail

TSTT buys Massy com
STATE-OWNED Telecommunications Services (TSTT) yesterday signed a share purchase agreement to acquire 100 percent of Massy Communications Limited for $255 million.

Dillon: No gun amnesty
NATIONAL Security Minister Edmund Dillon yesterday said Government has no plans to implement a gun amnesty as a strategy to curb the number of illegal guns being used to commit murder and other crimes in TT

Education officials scrap lunch break cut
MAJOR EDUCATION stakeholders have agreed they cannot accept the National Primary Schools Principals Association (NPSPA) recommendation to reduce the one-hour break by 30 minutes.

'Financial hardship causing pupils to drop out'
DESPITE the fact that pupils by law must attend school until they are 16 years old, some 11,062 pupils dropped out of primary school between 2008 and 2016.

Sealots Overpass construction at last
THE sod was turned yesterday to commence construction of the Beetham Overpass four years after an accident involving a policeman claimed the lives of three people and left three other badly injured.

Sea Lots walkover to cost $10m—Sinanan
"When I came into the ministry there were problems with the land. I told the engineers 'if you all can't sort out the lands just start to dig and the owners of the land would come forward."

Tickets in mail for traffic light breakers soon
Move over Property Tax—Government's next big revenue earner might be coming from traffic fines under upcoming Motor Vehicle legislation.

Property tax in effect from 2016
Ministry of Finance ad states...

Utility bills to increase with property tax

Memo asks staff to fork out $20
Treasury too broke to buy water, toilet paper

Water in taps but protest goes on
Spokesperson Glenford Ramnarine said: "We have not had water for more than three weeks, and someone tipped off somebody that we were going to protest and they send the water."

National bird being hunted, cooked
The graceful flamingoes and Scarlet Ibis that tourists venture to the Caroni Swamp to view are now finding their way into hunters' pots

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