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Posted: Saturday, April 29, 2017

Daly said the JLSC's decision to put back Ayers Caesar in the magistracy "will gravely undermine confidence in the administration of justice".

Ramdeen: Ayers-Caesar can't resume part-heard matters
"...anyone with an inkling of common sense and understanding will realise that she has taken the fall for this and that is not right," Ramdeen stated.

POLICE investigating the murders of a five-year-old girl and her 36-year-old father at Mamoral in central Trinidad, believe Solomon "Poodle" Joseph was made to watch as gunmen shot Saleesha Joseph once in her throat before shooting him twice in his belly.

Villagers shocked

Deyalsingh: $8 billion lost every year to diabetes, cancer

Suspect in gas station beating sorry, but was 'intoxicated'
ONE of the men wanted for the assault of a 62-year-old gas station attendant surrendered to police yesterday and has said he's sorry for what he did, but was "a little intoxicated" at the time.

M16, drugs in forest
Cops nab two with guns and ammo at home...

12 deportees back home
Twelve nationals of Trinidad and Tobago arrived in the country yesterday afternoon after they were deported from Turkey.

...AG: They never reached out to us
There was never any cry for "help or assistance" for the 12 Trinidadians who were deported from Turkey, says Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi.

Former LSA boss: Plan to tax squatters a recipe for disaster
Former CEO of the Land Settlement Agency (LSA) Dr Allen Sammy fears that if Government imposes property tax on squatters it would legitimise their occupancy on State and private lands.

Goods shortage looms in TobagoŚchamber boss
Truckers fight for space on domestic vessels

Cops release parents in probe of baby's death

1,100 investigations by OSH Agency in one-year period

Lawyers sued for negligence in Nunez-Tesheira's $18M judgment
A LAW FIRM in San Fernando has been sued by Gulf View Medical Centre for professional negligence related to the $18 million High Court judgment award in March 2015

Child abuse rampant in the region
LATIN AMERICA and the Caribbean have been rated among the most violent regions in the world. Co-ordinator, Child Development, Bertrand Moses said youth between 15-17 accounted for the most homicides.

$9,000 fine for trying to bribe cop
Drunk driver admits to crime

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