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Brooks: Government bled NGC of $16b
Posted: Thursday, April 20, 2017

Brooks: Government bled NGC of $16b
'Company milked between 2012-2015'

TTEC owes NGC US$516 million

T&TEC owes NGC $3.5b
JSC also hears of mispending by state entity

...Call for probe: Seven SPORTT CEOs in 11 years

TRAGEDY has befallen a Claxton Bay family after a 15-year-old schoolboy accidentally hanged himself while playing from a rope swing attached to the branch of a tree at the back of his grandmother's home on Tuesday afternoon.

Teen accidentally hangs himself

Health Ministry orders audit into prisons
THE Health Ministry has ordered an health audit of all of the country's prisons after Newsday yesterday reported on a major rat infestation in the nation's penal institutions.

Sinanan: Govt could sue over 'Galicia'
Temporary replacements found...

Barge among 2 vessels to replace Galicia

Passengers stranded: fast ferry sailing delayed
The noon sailing of the fast ferry from Tobago yesterday did not leave the Scarborough port up to late last night.

Judiciary: Move won't affect matters in lower court
THE Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago has denied the elevation of former chief magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caesar to the position of High Court judge would in any way negatively affect proceedings in the lower court.

Elevation of chief magistrate 'irresponsible and selfish act'

Lawyers differ on new criminal procedure rules
There are differences of opinion among criminal defence attorneys over the new criminal procedure rules implemented by the Judiciary on Tuesday.

Property Tax soon
GOVERNMENT is putting things in place to roll out the property tax regime as promised in the last National Budget.

Tears flow
WORKERS of Caroni Green Ltd, hugged each other and wept yesterday after being served termination notices as Government made good on its word to close down the state company.

Trini chemist case: nearly 20,000 cases to be thrown out
According to US media reports, about 95 per cent of 20,000 drug convictions in Massachusetts have been dismissed as a result of Dookhan's criminal misconduct in analysing drug samples.

Primary school principals on indiscipline in schools: Change school hours
"The lunch period is the teachers' time and we want to respect that, but we feel that if we have a shortened lunch period, we can reduce the incidents of indiscipline and violence at the school."

30-minute lunch break proposed for schools

Benjai's lawyers want answers from CoP
Slashed in face in Guyana, awaiting update on 'probe'...

Sinanan: My horse ran from Manzan to Mayaro
AS JSC supports fireworks ban in residential areas...

Deputy fire chief: Increase in bush fires
DEPUTY Chief Fire Officer Kenny Gopaul says there has been an increase in bush fires during the last two weeks and, up until yesterday, the figure stood at 720 for the year thus far.

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