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Posted: Friday, March 17, 2017

A 36-YEAR-OLD Carenage mother of two was arrested by Homicide Investigations Bureau detectives in connection with the murder of policewoman Nyasha Joseph

Vicious, barbaric act, says top cop
"We would continue to focus on this investigation in a special way because it's a police officer who has died, in a special way, but we would also continue to focus on other investigations in a special way."

Cops get extra time with first
Homicide detectives have until Monday to charge or release the first suspect they held in connection with the murder of WPC Nyasha Joseph

Mom: God will deal with killer/s
Paula Guy said: "I had a lot of hate, it was people I considered, people close to me..."

PM: Killers must pay the penalty
Ramesh asked to work on hanging laws

Autopsy fails to show cause of WPC's death

Fuad: Service weapon would have helped
"...granting of firearms licences should be removed from the Commissioner of Police, and instead be mandated to a commission on firearms control that can evaluate and process these applications,"

UK barrister: Fix, don't remove, jury trials

Dillon: 874 people found
...out of 930 citizens reported missing between December 2015 and January, "874 persons accounted for as of January 31, 2017."

Relief of natural gas shortage

PM goes on vacation
...after meeting with energy officials

Economists question Govt's figures

Shamfa stays in officeŚRowley
Calls for Tourism Minister to be axed

GHRC, Caroni Green going too
Government yesterday announced its intention to wind up two more state companies - Government Human Resource Services Company Limited (GHRS) and Caroni Green Limited (CGL).

US State Department:100 criminal gangs in T&T
The report said almost 81 per cent of the 2016 murders were committed with firearms, highlighting the problem of imported and often illegal weapons and firearms smuggling.

AG: US report vindicates T&T
The report states that terrorism poses a low threat to visitors to T&T and there are no indigenous terrorist groups in the country.

Matthew called suicide hotline: No one answered. He killed himself
...Lifeline lacking resources for 24-hour operation

Baby cut, stabbed more than 14 times

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