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Posted: Wednesday, March 15, 2017

In all, John said, he lent Duprey $5,166,125 and used his property to secure the amounts he borrowed from the bank.

Cut and paste deeds
THE issue of fraudulent land Deeds, created via the use of cut and paste stamps, surfaced in a multi-million dollar Gulf View land property dispute

Kamla: Banks digging out people's eyes with fees

Senators oppose Trial by Judge Bill
OPPOSITION Senator Gerald Ramdeen yesterday accused Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi of trying to get the Senate to amend and pass legislation

AG: Trial by jury not a right
...unlike the former People's Partnership (PP) government which sought to totally abolish trial by juries, this legislation offered a choice between trial by judge alone or trial by judge and jury.

Al-Rawi: Jury system slow and costly

Dillon: Bill will ease remand prison

$600,000 a month in NIDCO rent
WORKS and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan says that in the current economic climate, there is a need to "cut the fat" at the National Infrastructure Development Company Limited (NIDCO)

More drugs found, but no Nyasha
POLICE yesterday returned to Sea Lots yesterday for what was the fifth consecutive day of searches for missing police officer Nyasha Joseph who is feared dead

We won't tolerate Central lawlessness
Division head on gang video...

Police demand more firepower in Enterprise light of a telling and threatening Facebook live video made by the alleged leader and members of the Unruly Isis gang to members of rival gang Rasta City.

Moonilal: We know lobbyist, he likes goat roti

British national crushed to death
A BRITISH national died after falling into an aggregate bin while working at an asphalt plant in Princes Town yesterday morning.

Fair treatment for TDC workers
GOVERNMENT will ensure there is fair treatment for the employees of the Tourism Development Company (TDC) as its operations are wound up.

Roget: OWTU will fight privatisation
State-owned Petrotrin is top heavy and Oilfields Workers' Trade Union (OWTU) president general Ancel Roget has no problem with anyone in management being fired in the reorganisation of the company.

WASA retirees want lump sum payment
SAYING their pension plan has seen no growth in the past nine years, disgruntled WASA retirees yesterday demanded to be removed from the pension plan and paid a $100,000 lump sum each.

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