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Posted: Thursday, March 9, 2017

Alarming discovery at Children's Authority: boy, 15, living at home of director

More municipal cops coming
Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Kazim Hosein confirmed that more than 2,900 applications have been processed and are currently being entered into the database to be sent to the Office of Law Enforcement Policy (OLEP).

600 cops blanked Carnival
OVER 600 police officers blanked a directive from the Police Service top brass to report for duty over the extended Carnival weekend.

TTPS: 2,506 firearms seized in four years estimated 77 per cent originated in countries outside of the United States.

Too much drugs coming through
In 2016, with respect to cocaine there were 29,486 kilos seized. For the same period, 1,165,465 kilos of marijuana were seized.

ON JANUARY 10, Rachael Ramkissoon wrote the last two subjects for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams. Three days later, she was found dead in some bushes, clad in her school uniform.

Eight-year-old's arm broken in ‘bullying attack' at school

Father of injured boy: Bullies need help
Yousef Hosein does not want his son's attacker to be punished, but for the Ministry of Education to provide him with the special help he needs.

Imbert: No special restrictions on US visas
Independent Senator Dhanayshar Mahabir said he was concerned about a Trinidadian with a Trinidadian passport who happens to visit one of those countries (listed on a US travel ban) on legitimate business.

Where all the women's groups?
...following a Muslimeen march through the streets of the capital to commemorate the event, Bakr claimed the vociferous stance taken by some women groups and NGOs in relation to the killing of Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya and Shannon Banfield, was not on display yesterday.

Lack of data hindering research, says Hosein
Gender-blind data and lack of perpetrator data tend to hinder the ­research into domestic violence.

Men are part of the solution
International Women's Day

Deyalsingh gets checked for prostate cancer
HEALTH Minister Terrence Deyalsingh on Tuesday revealed that he underwent checks for prostate cancer.

Mom seeks help for son after $m surgery
Risa-Ann Cipriani-Bain said her 17-month-old son underwent a liver transplant in Argentina three months ago with the State's assistance, through the Children's Life Fund

TT, 3rd highest suicide rate in C'bean
THIS country has the third highest suicide rate in the English- speaking Caribbean, a World Health Organisation (WHO) study has found.

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