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Posted: Saturday, February 4, 2017

Muslims on AG's proposed anti-terror law

Imam to Muslims: Avoid going to US
An imam is imploring his fellow Muslims to avoid travelling to the United States following President Donald Trump's travelling ban on seven Muslim-majority countries.

'Vile beast killed Nadia'

No charges yet as suspect quizzed again

Mas takes over city
Downtown Carnival launched

Calypso youth not getting a chance
YOUNG aspiring calypsonians are not being given a proper opportunity to hone their talents in the calypso tents, prompting many to quit or switch to soca.

'Issues at St Michael's centre still unresolved'
ISSUES affecting the children at the St Michael's Interim Rehabilitation Centre, including overcrowding and a lack of learning programmes, continue to be unresolved

'I am a ninja turtle'
RECOVERING at home yesterday after undergoing reconstructive surgery on his right elbow, nine-year-old Tristan Khan recalled the attack by a classmate on Wednesday

Child Protection Unit takes over
...investigation into the beating of nine-year-old Tristan Khan on the compound of the Mayaro Government Primary School on Wednesday.

Bullying: Govt to look at parents' role
THE Child Protection Unit (CPU) has taken over the investigation into the beating of nine-year-old Tristan Khan on the compound of the Mayaro Government Primary School on Wednesday.

Ministry has compensated bullying victims

Opposition Leader: Crime, corruption not down according to AG
AFTER $21 billion was injected into national security for the current fiscal year, the slaughter and brutalising of young women and murders, and corruption should have been dropping instead of increasing

Chamber: CoP's statements on rising crime inadequate

No human trafficking ring in TT
...since the proclamation of the Trafficking in Persons Act, 22 persons have been charged with human trafficking and this represents an average of seven persons per year.

'Panyol' chopped to death
Police are working on the theory that Stanley "Panyol" Seecharan, 54 may have been confronted by thieves who often raided his crops

Cops kill 'Bobo Dog'
A 23-YEAR-OLD La Canoa man, wanted for a string of offences including rape, robbery and murder, was killed during a shoot-out with officers of the North Eastern Division Task Force yesterday.

Gasparillo businessman killed
Naim Caliph was shot in his Range Rover vehicle at the Tarouba link road around 1 am today.

Stepmom back in court for Jenice killing
MOTHER-of-two Maricia McLean made her second court appearance yesterday on the charge of killing four-year-old Jenice Figaro.

19 teachers under sexual abuse probe
Joint Select Committee hears...

Schoolgirl, 13, and man, 27, found in house
A 13-YEAR-OLD Form One student of a secondary school in East Trinidad was caught having sex with a 27-year-old man in an abandoned house in Rio Claro at 3 pm on Wednesday.

Schoolgirl, 13, raped
Man held after telling cops...

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