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Posted: Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Execution-styled murders of a man and his common-law wife who were shot in their heads as they slept on a bed in their Guapo home

Couple murdered in bed
Mother of victim vows vengeance

5 murders in 10 hours

Homicide rate out of control
Outgoing US Ambassador hurt by crime

Uber is 'progressive and legitimate', AG

Defer debate on marriage laws
Mark calls for more consultation

Mark says UNC supports marriage at 18

Deliberate bird design on permit
Transport Commissioner says

Senator: Stop child abuse
GOVERNMENT senator Nadine Stewart yesterday said the country will be condoning child abuse if laws which permit child marriages are allowed to remain in effect.

Legalise abortion, repeal homosexual laws

Workers fear victimisation
Inland and Offshore Contractors Ltd say they are bracing for victimisation when they return to work later this week as their 90-day strike comes to an end on Thursday.

Cops deliver baby at police station

Anger over filthy drain
Beetham residents storm Angostura's compound

Teen, neighbour killed by cops
Bad company is being blamed for the death of a 17-year-old San Juan resident who was killed by police on Monday night along with his 24-year-old neighbour.

Ex-con shot dead in St James
A 22-year-old Belmont man who was released from prison in November last year was killed in St James on Monday night.

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