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Energy Chamber: 2016 difficult year for sector
Posted: Monday, January 2, 2017

Energy Chamber: 2016 difficult year for sector
While oil prices have recovered from the depths they experienced in the first half of the year, they remain at low levels.

South man last 2016 murder victim
Akim Gonzales, 22, was found dead in a dirt track leading to his family's home around 11.50 p.m.

First murder recorded for 2017
It is believed that hitmen, using the cover of the exploding fireworks which was set off to celebrate the dawn of the New Year, shot Winters dead unknown to his relatives

Upgrade coming for Sando maternity unit

TTMA delegation to visit Venezuela
A TRADE delegation from the TT Manufacturers Association is due to visit Venezuela early this year to take advantage of the availability of another US$50 million by Venezuela for the purchase of TT products

4-point UWI crime plan
Students join Friday's rally

Fireworks 'war' turns deadly
A fireworks "war" between residents of Nelson Street and Mango Rose, East Dry River, is being blamed for a fire that claimed the life of a disabled man and left 15 people homeless.

Plenty noise but no arrests
Defying a crackdown on illegal fireworks, citizens across T&T played a New Year's Eve cat and mouse game with the police, releasing scratch bombs and noisemakers to ring in 2017

Deyalsingh hails lowest maternal deaths in 2016

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