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Posted: Sunday, November 20, 2016

Highly-inflammatory, anonymous threats, and a shooting have infiltrated the Local Government Election campaign of the People's National Movement (PNM).

Keep it clean, please
Young: PNM supporter shot, candidate threatened

...Council calls on parties for responsible political behaviour

Abdulah: We're not intimidated, stop defacing MSJ banners

Deyalsingh: Tax soft drinks, white bread, sugary cereals

Struggles of parenting four children with diabetes
Rose said both sides of their families had no history of diabetes, and neither does she and her husband.

Culture of contract labour Govt urged to take action

Don't take us for granted
Diego residents upset in PNM stronghold

She's slandering T&T
Rowley on Kamla's US$2m find claim

Rowley: Kamla crazy to ask me to account for that

We are a roti people, says Rowley's not about the national dish, but about wasting and stealing $$

PP spent $15M, PNM spent $2M local review

...Minister denies claims of corruption
MINISTER of Housing Randall Mitchell has denied claims that there is corruption connected to the Housing Development Corporation's $145 million government housing development under the public-private partnership model.

Duprey seeks big payback
Govt mulls CLF repayment of $b debt as...

HDC puts vandalised houses on market
You fix it says Housing Minister

1,000 homes for Christmas
Christmas came early for 68 families yesterday who received the jingling keys to their long awaited Housing Development Corporation homes

ASP Moore: Criminals target businesswomen
Criminals in Tobago are targeting mostly women operators of small businesses and the Tobago police division is appealing to the entire business community and the public to take security steps to protect themselves.

Eight arrested after murder spree in East
The exercise consisted of more than 200 officers, with the police carrying out the actual exercise as they entered apartments and questioned some tenants while the soldiers stood on the perimeter of the Maloney apartment buildings

Police find machine gun, weed in Carenage
Police found an Uzi sub-machine gun, 596 grammes of marijuana and a beretta pistol during a search in a forested area in Carenage on Friday.

Rambharat wants game wardens to find weed fields
He made the comment at the induction ceremony for 139 honorary game wardens at the Caroni Swamp Visitors' Centre yesterday.

Inmate stabs inmate
AN INMATE at the Remand Section of Golden Grove, Arouca was stabbed to death by another inmate yesterday.

Josiah a target
Ever since a 13-year-old Josiah Ramsahai was accused of the rape of a 14-year-old girl two years ago, he has been targeted by the police.

Who is baby Mercy's father?
Investigators believe the answer to this question may well unravel the mystery surrounding the infant whose skeletal remains, dressed in a diaper and vest, were recently discovered at a house in Sobo Village, La Brea.

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