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Intern: Robbery was a hoax
Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2016

SIMILAR to the fairy tale of a young boy who cried wolf, an intern at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital has ended up in hot water, after a report she made stating she was robbed at gunpoint while at the Hospital, turned out to be false.

Intern: Robbery was a hoax

Cops unsure if to lay a charge
Medical intern recants on robbery story

Substance of case remains
Police, AG still probing LifeSport 'matters'...Don't exhale yet.

...'Kamla knew this would have happened'
THE quashing of the audit report into LifeSport by the High Court

AG: LifeSport still alive

Analysts: Big gamble and risk for UNC
Anil Roberts's return to politics is a huge risk and gamble for the United National Congress (UNC) at the local government elections, according to political analysts.

Outcry over Mac Farlane portrayal
FOLLOWING a public outcry about an aspect of his 2017 presentation, mas leader Brian Mac Farlane has cut the section 'Beautiful Woman and House Boy' from his 2017 presentation entitled Cazabon __ The Art of Living.

Mac Farlane pulls contentious section from 2017 band

Cash only at gas stations
This is a "cost-cutting measure" by the Trinidad and Tobago Petroleum Dealers Association (TTPDA); doing so is necessary "in order to pay our workers, to keep (all of) our staff."

TT/India ties strong
CULTURAL and religious ties between India this country are so strong that even over one and- a-half century of separation, it has not faded the cultural and emotional bonds formed.

Panman 'Sacks' passes
THE steelband fraternity lost another one of its stalwarts in Alfred 'Sacks' Mayers who passed away on Saturday October 22, at the age 82

Mother of man killed by cops: New video will disprove police

Malabar midwife strangled
Relatives and homicide detectives are trying to ascertain the motive behind the death of a 50-year-old midwife who was found strangled at her Malabar home on Monday afternoon.

Tobago baby found dead in crib
An autopsy is expected to be conducted on the body of six month-old Jennae Gooding to confirm her cause of death.

'Venezuela Five' still held despite new order
WHATEVER is causing the five Muslims to continue to be hold up in a Venezuelan jail despite a judge's Order two weeks ago for them to be freed, has resulted in the same judge issuing a second Order.

Pensioner spared jail for stealing vitamins, deodorant
A pensioner, who on the eve of his 66th birthday pleaded guilty to stealing vitamins and deodorant on Monday, was placed on $3,000 bond for two years.

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