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Political witch-hunt, waste of $$
Posted: Friday, September 9, 2016

Political witch-hunt, waste of $$
Rowley on receiving Las Alturas probe report:

Absolute waste of time and money
PRIME Minister Dr Keith Rowley yesterday declared the Commission of Inquiry into the Las Alturas housing project

Moonilal: PM playing blame game

'It was a hit'
SOUTH businesswoman, Denise Martin, shot in the head eight days ago, has died, and relatives are now describing the attack on her as "a hit" following a love affair gone sour

Hunt on for Piparo killer
Up to yesterday, Heeralal's killer was still at large and officers from the San Fernando CID continued the manhunt for him in the Piparo forest

Schoolboy shot dead
...while playing game of cards

Mothers in tears
Family Court staff woes hit maintenence payouts

PM non-committal on Marlene
PRIME Minister Dr Keith Rowley yesterday said if Port-of-spain south MP Marlene McDonald is cleared of allegations made against her, "then she has every right to be reinstated to her position

SSA / NOC workers facing the axe
A security merger among the Strategic Services Agency (SSA), National Operations Centre (NOC), National Security Training Agency (NSTA) and Security Intelligence Agency (SIA) will result in several employees of those elite agencies being sent home

Carmona calls for Indian drug companies in TT

Locusts eating out farmers in Point Fortin

Govt seeks further legal advice on leases
Stalemate over CDA tenants

Borel 6th in Brussels

Schnoor: TT must do more with finance laws
There is a strong need for Trinidad and Tobago (TT) to enforce key financial legislation if the country is to maintain vital corresponding banking relationships with foreign banks.

Thumbs up on speed limit, GATE

Frankie hits Cepep $600M bill
AT A yearly cost of $600 million, is the Community-based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (Cepep) providing value for money?

Oval gets ICC Warning
...Murray said work started to avoid re-occurence

No real public plan available
Postpartum death sparks debate

Good family support could counter PPD

Parents protest at 2 South schools

Electrical woes at Newtown Boys' could cut school time

They were a happy couple
Relatives of suspect in mom's chopping:
Murder victim fought for life
Bullet-riddled body found in Caroni...

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