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Posted: Thursday, September 8, 2016

DISPLAYING severe wounds to her hands and ear, a 13-yearold girl relived the horror yesterday of witnessing the brutal and fatal chopping of a Piparo woman by an enraged assailant

Mom chopped to death
Daughter injured in bid to stop killer

Domestic link in gun attack

$80M tragedy
That was how retired Justice of Appeal Mustapha Ibrahim, chairman of the Las Alturas Commission of Inquiry, summed up the State's housing project in Morvant as he handed in his final report

PNM marks first year with list of achievements

Rowley: No pay hike for MPs, ministers

Rambharat: Reshuffles hurt agriculture
He said that Kamaluddin Mohammed was the last Agriculture Minister to serve a full term, from 1981 to 1986, adding that this frequent shuffling of ministers has put farmers at a tremendous disadvantage.

It's an honour to serve
ENERGY Minister Nicole Olivierre said yesterday she has been honoured to serve as a member of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley's Cabinet.

Enill on Mc Donald's return to Cabinet: No need to wait on Integrity body

MPs: Marlene valued member of PNM team
Two Government ministers yesterday spoke highly of sacked housing minister Marlene Mc Donald, who is set to make a return when Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley reshuffles his Cabinet next month

Ask Moonilal where he got info from
MINISTER of Public Utilities, Ancil Antoine, is denying any knowledge of claims that National Security Minister, Edmund Dillon, had written a letter to the secretary of the CEPEP

Widespread concern over crime

Camille: Chag must be for all the people
Leases for private businesses at Chaguaramas must be approved by the Cabinet and the beachfronts on the western peninsula must be accessible to the public.

Minister: 1,000 housing starts by year's end

Maraval River overflows banks
DUE TO heavy mid-afternoon showers, the Maraval River overflowed its banks in the vicinity of La Seiva, cutting off access for a brief period

Govt to buy fire truck wrecker 3 years after $6.8m scandal

Mom of two dies after 40-foot fall: Family cites postpartum
Family and friends of a young mother were thrown into mourning yesterday after she died at hospital from injuries she sustained in a 40-foot fall at her home three days ago

Doctor explains post-partum depression

Why no CPR from lifeguards?
Questions after drowning on Maracas Bay...

Hints of suicide?
FAITH Gajadhar, 15, may have left more than a few digital clues hinting at suicide which sent shock waves throughout her Las Alturas, Morvant community

Unidentified body found at Kings Wharf
POLICE are seeking the public's assistance in identifying the body of a man found floating in the Gulf of Paria near King's Wharf, San Fernando

Casino worker robbed and raped
A CASINO worker, 21, was robbed and raped after exiting a car at Damarie Hill, Guaico, yesterday morning.

'Muffin' can't stop using cocaine
SIXTY-THREE year old cocaine addict Roland 'Muffin' Charles told a San Fernando Magistrate on Tuesday

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