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Be friendly to public
Posted: Saturday, July 23, 2016

Obama pays tribute to Patrick Manning
Late former prime minister Patrick Manning will be forever remembered for his powerful example of leadership and solidarity within T&T and throughout Latin America, US President Barack Obama has said.

Obama lauds ­Manning's 'powerful example of leadership' in letter to Hazel

Media must listen carefully
Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi yesterday clarified statements that the $12 billion in uncollected Value Added Tax (VAT) which he spoke about was taken out of context by the media.

Be friendly to public
Members of the Defence Force have been encouraged to relax their stance when interacting with members of the public.

Ishmael, two others arrested during protest
ISLAMIC Broadcasting Network (IBN) founder and activist Inshan Ishmael and two others were ­arrested yesterday afternoon as they led a protest outside Guardian Media Ltd's head office in Chaguanas. The arrests were made after reporters left the scene of the protest around 4.30 p.m.

Deyalsingh and Dengue
HEALTH Minister, Terrence Deyalsingh, yesterday announced that his recent hospitalisation was because he had contracted the dengue virus.

Rowley calls on UWI to assist regional Governments
PRIME Minister Dr Keith Rowley has urged the University of the West Indies to use its strengths, resources and latent ability to help regional governments make decisions to influence positive outcomes based on data.

'Open tender' process to select new CoP
THE Police Service Commission (PSC) has decided to proceed with the process for the recruitment and selection of the Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioner of Police by way of open tender.

Problem will be rectified
FOLLOWING a "fruitful" meeting with the Book Industry Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (BIOTT), Education Minister Anthony Garcia said yesterday that further discussions are to take place with regard to State-sponsored textbooks being sold privately.

1,300 will be eligible for bail in August
The judiciary is bracing for an influx of bail applications expected to be received after August 15. This as current anti-gang and bail legislation is set to expire.

Children should not get married before 18
That was the consensus of over 300 teenagers who yesterday unanimously agreed at a public consultation that children should not get married before the age of 18.

Non-Communicable Disease policy in two weeks
IN the next two weeks, Trinidad and Tobago would have, for the first time, a Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) policy to seek intervention for all citizens.

THERE are approximately 700 persons granted bail by the courts but who remain stuck in jail due to archaic systems and procedures, Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi said yesterday as he outlined moves by the State to table fresh criminal justice reforms. The AG said there was "an immediate need to look at improving the access to bail" and his office had already begun consultations on several proposals which will be tabled after the Parliament recess.

Father of murdered man: The system has failed me
The system has failed, says a father of nine whose first born son left home to meet a friend in the Maracas St Joseph area and was found murdered in Morvant the following morning.

Man: I did not throw her in grave
THE 29-year-old man accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend on Wednesday night, beating and then throwing her into an open grave at the Tunapuna public cemetery yesterday contacted Newsday saying he never threw her in the hole and he would surrender to police next Monday.

Lover's quarrel
The Tunapuna man accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend says that story is a lie

Man slain in bar robbery
A Siparia father, who was helping out a female bar owner in the area, was shot to death by gunmen he tried to prevent from entering and robbing the establishment yesterday morning.

Ex-Minister's wife reports him to cops
THE wife of a former government minister went to the Four Roads Police Station on Wednesday and reported to officers that she was physically assaulted by him at their home located in West Trinidad. The weeping young woman later told officers she did not want any formal police action nor did she wish to seek medical attention.

Jack to pay Suruj $.4M

Sureway head gets $20,000 bail
AFTER spending a night in jail, Dr Surelia Reid, the owner of a popular weight loss clinic was yesterday granted $20,000 own bail. She however was not brought to court yesterday because there were no female prison officers to accompany her.

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