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Stop Debate
Posted: Sunday, August 24, 2014

Stop Debate
Exclusive MFO poll on Constitutional Reform:

Govt repays $150m LifeSport loan
Finance Minister Larry Howai told the Sunday Express two loans were taken to finance LifeSport during the programmeís two-year existence.

E-mail account of Presidentís staff member hacked
It resulted in e-mails being sent to a number of people, including State officials on the staff memberís contact list

Ministry breached tendering laws $b Invaderís Bay Development project, legal adviser tells AG

JCC files for judicial review

Legal adviser to AG responds

UDeCOTT implementing agency
The Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT) has once again become the enabling agency for the Invaderís Bay project.

Ď26% believe reforms designed to help Govt win electioní

Laquis: Itís a good deal
Govt buys Eastern Correctional Rehabilation Centre

Howai: $12 million to renovate
Despite paying $230 million for the property, Finance Minister Larry Howai says an additional $12 million will be required to complete the rest of the renovations.

US student finds drugs in luggage after visiting T&T
NY police suspect botched smuggling attempt

Why are our boys under-performing in school?
Just 26 per cent of the 200 top-scorers for SEA(Secondary Entrance Assessment) were boys.

Relative: Police or prisons hiding something
Prisoner found hanging in cell

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