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Posted: Friday, May 9, 2014

This lament of Presbyterian minster, Reverend Daniel Teelucksingh, resonated with every single mourner inside the Aramalaya Presbyterian Church and those watching the live broadcast

Teelucksingh: Act of desperation by criminal underworld

Murdered senior counsel remembered as a fearless fighter for justice and a giver of endless love

Machel moves mourners to tears

Carmona to Govt: Deal with crime

‘Dana was the rock of the family’
While Trinidad and Tobago knew Dana Seetahal as a fearless, independent woman of the law, to her family she was a sister and aunt who was the rock of the family and embodiment of love.

Closed casket upsets villagers
El Dorado villagers yesterday expressed their disappointment at not being able to view the body of attorney Dana Seetahal, SC, before she was taken away to her funeral service and cremation.

Outpouring of love for Dana
Hundreds pack church, yard, street...

Spillover crowd at Seetahal’s funeral

Cops to ID second suspect in Seetahal murder
Police are close to identifying a second suspect in the murder of Dana Seetahal SC from video of her killing secured during their investigation.

New surveillance equipment could cost up to $800m
OUTFITTING the National Operations Centre (NOC) with new surveillance equipment, including three new aircraft, could start anywhere between $600 million and $800 million

Unmanned ‘spying‘ vehicles soon—Gary

SEA pupil found hanging

Moves to make SEA less stressful
This entails increasing the percentage of marks accumulated by way of school based course work towards the SEA exam final marks.

T&TEC hotline wasn’t needed
There were no reports of trouble to the special hotline set up by the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission during the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) yesterday

The Syrian connection
THE ACCUSATION of jihad is only the beginning of something more profoundly troubling, in relation to some of the Trinidadian Muslims detained in Venezuela since March.

Lawyer gets okay to challenge immigration laws

Penny deemed ungrateful
... criticised once again by PNM MP Marlene McDonald on the political platform and deemed “ungrateful” by a Diego Martin councillor.

Motor Vehicle Act to be replaced
THE Transport Ministry is in the process of replacing the current Motor Vehicle Act and reforming protocols in the country to help reduce the number of road fatalities

City engineer: Stop work on supermarket
SAN Fernando city engineer Ramesh Sookdeo has signed and delivered a stop work notice, three weeks after excavation was halted at the foot of San Fernando Hill.

‘Stop witch hunt of lawyer'
KADIJA SAMBURY, sister of remand prisoner Jamal Sambury who was allegedly beaten by police at Princes Town Magistrates' Court in 2010...

'Limers' rescue children from Nelson St fire they are dubbed as heroes

Murder over manicou meat
A MAN lost his life after being stabbed by a close male relative during a fight over the carcass of a manicou on Wednesday night.

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