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Posted: Saturday, March 22, 2014

THE 29-year-old son of a Central Trinidad businessman was kidnapped on Thursday night with the kidnappers later instructing the victim's father to pay a ransom of $2 million

Pupil tells magistrate he tripped off after being heckled by schoolmates

Gordon 'surprised' over dance routine
INTEGRITY COMMISSION chairman Ken Gordon yesterday expressed surprise over a dance group's choice of routine, during which dancers mimicked bits of Mr Kill@'s "Rolly Polly" stage show.

Glenn: Female victims of violence prone to disorders
Women who are exposed to gender-based violence are twice as likely to suffer from clinical depression and have alcohol and substance abuse disorders

CoP: No charge for Glenn
The flight attendant who complained to the police that she was grabbed and threatened by Minister of the People and Social Development Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh has indicated she does not want to pursue the investigation

Ramadharsingh: To err is human

'Have pity on him'
EVEN as police officers yesterday continued their search for the gun used to kill schoolgirl Murchannah Lavia on Wednesday night

Mom finds 'sex text' on daughter's cellphone
... which called on the teen to meet a man for a round of sex at a public beach, has reported the matter to Mayaro police.

Schools lack social workers

Sex workers do not test for HIV
Many local sex workers do not get tested for HIV and many clients refuse to use condoms.

Ramnarine: $7.7m for fisherfolk affected by spill
Petrotrin bosses under probe too

Residents demand relocation
More dead fish on La Brea beaches...

Big stink in La Brea as dead fish wash ashore

...'No pollutants found'
Testing conducted by the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) on March 17 on catches from fishermen in Claxton Bay and Otahetie showed no evidence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)

Vernella: I had a wife-in-law
Ministry of the People and Social Development, Vernella Alleyne-Toppin:

Electronic speed detection coming to catch 'reckless' drivers

Boos for ministers outside Parliament
OWTU leads protest: Ramnarine 'telling untruths' on Petrotrin

Fuad backs Ameena Ali
Exodus from ERHA over CEO's style butů

JSC meeting cancelled: PNM members absent

No need for police permission
JTUM presents legal opinion on public protests

WASA: Protesting employee gets PPE
THE Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) employee who staged a one-man protest earlier this week, after being sent home, has returned to work.

Select few getting most projects
Contractors knock Govt:

Injunction to block SIS stories thrown out
GML victory in High Court

Imbert queries tenders for speed guns without proper law
Opposition MP Colm Imbert yesterday questioned why there was procurement for speed guns when Parliament had not yet approved the legislation or specifications for the devices.

Pupils being taught online
Problems at Princes Town Sec

Freed murder accused shot dead
A CUNUPIA man who police said was freed of a murder charge two years ago and had history of drug offences was gunned down near his home yesterday.

Kudos for cop who parted girls' fight
Police Constable Gilani Prince, of the Court and Process Branch, Port of Spain, was yesterday commended for using his initiative to part a fight involving several schoolgirls of the Mucurapo West Secondary School

Father charged with raping daughter, 8
...Mother 'failed to report crime'

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