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Posted: Sunday, January 26, 2014

A criminal charge of assault by beating is to be laid against a senior official of the Forensic Science Centre in St James arising out of an incident on December 2

Williams happy NOC up and running
The NOC uses CCTV cameras at different locations to monitor roads, highways and activities of people around the country.

NLCB board probes $.5m payment to employee for services

Staff beg PM: Stop 'madness' at NLCB
They may be handing out millions of dollars and making many a lotte­ry winner happy, but staff at the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB) are down in the dumps.

Siriram: The board will act
NLCB chairman Winston Siriram told the Sunday Express last Friday that the board did raise queries into the hiring of Jevon Jeffrey and the award of the contract.

UWI lecturer on $644m cocaine bust: Mexican cartels infiltrate T&T

Griffith: Govt, DEA working closely

Tension at quarry
An early morning incident involving armed officers from security firm Executive Bodyguard Services Ltd (EBSL) unfolded at a quarrying site on the Blanchisseuse Road yesterday.

$.8m settlement for ex-CEO of National Quarries
Questions over qualifications...

The case of the invisible witness
"How could you swear an oath, sign a certificate of truth, if you do not know the source of the information contained in it?"

May 18- PNM internal elections

UNC Hijacked
Vasant being silently backed

'PNM propaganda undermining PP works'
Businessman Gerald Hadeed

Libel reform bill passed

Browne: Govt's move contradictory
Move to abolish Section 9 of the Libel Defamation Act

'Missing MPs' in rush to vote for extension
Ten government MPs scampered back into the Parliament chamber yesterday to support the extension of the speaking time of Dr Tim Gopeesingh during the debate on a bill to amend the Libel and Defamation Act.

Deyalsingh: Bring laws for internet defamation
St Joseph MP Terrence Deyalsingh has appealed to the Government to establish laws to guard against citizens who have their characters defamed by Facebook users and bloggers.

Airports in limbo with no AATT board as yet
Cadiz: We're working to get it done

National facilities audit for energy sector
The Energy Ministry will be undertaking a "national facilities audit" to ensure this country's oil and gas infrastructure is in proper working order.

Ratiram: Prevent blindness in children, screen eyes

Moruga fishermen angry
...Where is our $200 million fishing port?

Amnesty's swipe at Obama over human rights 'hypocrisy'

Colonial gems- Beauty and History
These buildings capture a moment of history, and one neither has to be an architect or historian to appreciate the beauty of these colonial structures or their importance.

Fete patrons injured by falling drone
TWO male patrons attending the "Out in South Cooler Fete" at National Academy for the Performing Arts in San Fernando on Friday night sustained serious head injuries

Ronnie Mac Intosh for Power Soca
THE 1997 Soca Monarch champion Ronnie "Mack the Knife" McIntosh is back in competition.

University lecturer: 'big money' undermining calypso
The involvement of "big money" in Carnival has, to some extent, minimised the importance of calypso as an accepted traditional artform, says university lecturer Dr Louis Regis.

Weekes: Clockwise route will cause mass confusion

...Anti-crime plan was starting to work, says Al-Rawi
The People's National Movement had an anti-crime plan which was beginning to work only to have it dismantled and then hurriedly adopted again by the present administration

T&T in top ten for homicides per capita

Policing outdated—expert
Cummings has echoed the call of UWI senior lecturer in sociology Dr Ronald Marshall, who also said that as violence was becoming more lethal

Sexploitation- Parents must monitor their child's Internet use

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