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Posted: Monday, January 13, 2014

Sookoo denies saying Minister assaulted 300 women

A STATE WITNESS who was expected to testify at a murder trial today is feared dead after he went missing in the early hours of yesterday morning.

La Brea residents still in a mess
MORE than 20 days have passed since the oil spill occurred near La Brea and affected residents still cannot cook or even light a cigarette for fear of causing more destruction to the area.

La Brea residents can cook again

...Beckles pays a visit

Griffith asks for report
... in relation to a confrontation, at sea, between protesters and a seismic vessel at the Gulf of Paria on Saturday.

'Our country is crying out for love'
A MESSAGE of tolerance, forgiveness and love was preached throughout the funeral of Dian Paladee yesterday morning

HDC residents 'refused $300 per day offer'
RESIDENTS offered work by a contractor hired by the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) to do refurbishment works on the vandalised buildings in Couva refused to accept a $300-a-day wage

Chatoorgoon reads Riot Act to doctors
Crisis at San Fernando hospital...

SWRHA: Teaching Hospital will ease overcrowding woes

Tv stations' rights trump cable providers
Law Made Simple

Tobago to preserve artefacts from 1677 battle in harbour
Structure being built

No such thing as 'illegal visa'
Former diplomatic chief Lenore Dorset defends A2 practice

Activist questions highway funding
...calling upon Finance Minister Larry Howai to confirm or deny whether he is going to dispense any portion of last month's US$550 million bond issue or other State funds to finance the Debe-to-Mon Desir extension of the Solomon Hochoy Highway

NYPD to partner with local cops

Denyse Plummer robbed of iPhone
Citizens warned to guard against pickpocketing...

British Royal Navy makes cocaine bust
... marijuana with a street value of about £1 million from a suspect vessel in the Caribbean.

Accused kidnapper allergic to fish
...Doctors unable to do CT scan

Trini man shoots wife, child and then kills himself in Florida
A TRINIDADIAN man, who had migrated to the United States several years ago, shot and critically wounded his common law wife and stepson at a suburban Boca Raton, Florida home

3 robbery suspects held after high-speed chase
Three menótwo aged 33 and a 17-year-oldówere arrested after a high-speed chase from La Horquetta to Diego Martin last Thursday

Shot 9 times after buying doubles
AN Arima man remained in critical condition at Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mount Hope...

Coast Guard officers under probe, accused of beating man
A 35-year-old man from Morvant, who claims he was kidnapped, beaten and threatened by a group of Coast Guard officers for no apparent reason

US soldier held for cursing at cops
A UNITED STATES soldier was arrested on Friday night for using obscene language during a routine traffic stop in Barataria.

Woman, 31, to be charged for abortion
A 31-YEAR-OLD mother will be charged with attempting to kill her unborn baby after the child died yesterday morning.

Mother of murder victim 'grieves to death'
THE mother of murder victim Trevolon Joseph, who was shot last year, has died.

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