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Posted: Tuesday, January 7, 2014

TWO young men were yesterday gunned down in broad daylight next to Nelson Street Girls' RC School in Port-of-Spain on the first day of the new school term

Double murder at high noon

Griffith on spike in gang killings: Darkness before the dawn
Criminals are killing criminals as gang-related crimes have increased by 132 per cent since 2010

8 suspended
Eight employees from the Refining and Marketing Group of the Petrotrin Refinery in Pointe-a- Pierre were suspended yesterday

Petrotrin acts on oil spill report: Workers suspended


Mom wants private care
'Lung infection from breathing fumes'

Roget: They're covering for top management
Oilfields Workers' Trade Union (OWTU) president general, Ancel Roget, has accused State-owned oil company Petrotrin of sacrificing lower-level employees to cover up mistakes made by top management.

Sando fishermen: People refusing to buy

Thieves target 'struggling' fishermen
Yesterday bandits broke into their fishing depot on Sunday and stole three boat engines, together valued at over $150,000

Njisane suffers kidney failure
National cyclist Njisane Phillip

Maracas man sent back to prison
Accused of killing son, 1: he spends 28 days in St Ann's...

Teen shows magistrate back burns
Robbery suspect claims being set alight while in police custody

...PCA's Lucky: Clothing is key determining where the truth lies into how the teen sustained burns to his body.

Vexation brings out the worst
Relative on San Juan murder-suicide:

Dumas: Give staff time to regularise
Instead of throwing out locally-recruited staff at the Trinidad and Tobago missions in the United States..

...'An excuse to fire people'
Government is merely exporting the policy practised within Trinidad and Tobago to its missions in the United States, whereby it causes people to lose their jobs so that they can be replaced by people whom the administration wants in those positions.

'Why report taking so long?'
... on the exact cause of death of Juanessa John, 30 who died on December 28 at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, 11 months after she had slipped into a coma shortly after being treated for a painful wisdom tooth.

'Batman' missing
Owner claims $40,000 bird gone after police raid

...Ministry: 99.7% reopened
The reopening of schools yesterday was a success and all schools in the South Eastern Peninsula of Trinidad were opened and teachers were present at the schools.

Toyota beefs up security after car thieves hit twice
Four vehicles were stolen from Toyota (T&T) Ltd's Barataria compound

Attacker's dad in murder/suicide upset
Victims's family gets apology

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