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UNC Lacks Institutional Memory on Vote-Splitting
Posted: Wednesday, October 30, 2013

By Stephen Kangal
October 30, 2013

It appears that the UNC has no institutional memory relating to the impact of a third force in adversely affecting its electoral performance. Its well-known experience of 2007 and its course correction strategy of 2010 with the COP ought to be very instructive and to determine how it must act to avoid splitting the votes like split peas especially when that third force originates from amongst its traditional base.

The PP/UNC had the opportunity to factor this lesson in its electoral strategy post July 29 but it ignored the lessons of its most recent past electoral history. It turned down the overtures of the fledgling ILP on two occasions for membership of the PP. It has ignored and repeated the mistakes of past electoral history and paid the ultimate price to the detriment of its supporters.

Post the LGE of October 21 it is blaming every Jane, Jeewan and Jack for causing the UNC/PP to be decimated. Does it have the divine right to exist and to be accorded the top of the Order of Precedence. Poor UNC everybody wants to destroy it and its PP Government but it is going a good job by itself without help.

Even now it has the opportunity to adhere to the Chaguanas imperative but PM Persad-Bissessar is assuming the role and function of the Commissioner of Police/ judge jury and executioner and condemning the ILP as convicted criminals just as her predecessor condemned teachers to be criminals. Even elected MP's and councillors stand to be fired by the Prime Minister. This is closing the door that was left open to accommodation and destroying bridges for dialogue.

Is this the political behaviour of the leaders in 21st Century T&T that is very advanced and savy politically -speaking. It is no wonder that Indian political leadership has betrayed the trust and interest of its follower base. They can be termed "one term PM's" because after one term they are a complete and pure unadulterated embarrassment to their followers. They are ready to quit- abandon and consign us into the clutches of the PNM and are blaming others for so doing.

Jack Warner has shown enormous character in the way he handled the results and magnanimous in congratulating both the UNC and PNM. He has toned down the stress and tension by his positioning and the PP must respond and learn to forgive and forget politically speaking.

Elections are silly season. But now it is over let us conduct ourselves with equanimity, decorum and good political and electoral sense and think of T&T, the support base and how much it has invested in the leaders who cannot disappoint them.

We have been here several times before. Our leaders have not learnt from the mistakes of the past inundated by their delusions and illusions of cosmetic grandeur.

Happy Divali to all Trinbagonians and May Mother Lakshmi shower her blessings of peace, harmony and the good fulfilling life!

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