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Kamla's Carnival 2011 Message
Posted: Saturday, March 5, 2011


My dear fellow citizens and the many foreign visitors to our beautiful shores at this time.

I hope this message finds you in good health, secure environs and indeed, truly having a wonderful time in this Carnival season.

On March 7th and 8th - Carnival Monday and Tuesday, the Merry Monarch will once again reign over our Nation.

From Friday March 4 throughout the weekend, our country will host a variety of major events and fetes leading up to this time.

Throughout the world, Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival is known as the Greatest Show on Earth and it is no wonder why.

Our cities, boroughs, towns and communities will be awash with vibrant colour and creativity. The pulsating, infectious rhythms of soca, calypso, steel pan and chutney soca will accompany thousands of masqueraders and spectators as the beauty, unity, diversity and immense talent of Trinidad and Tobago are showcased to the World.

I extend a warm welcome to all returning nationals and visitors, who have chosen to experience one of the greatest, inclusive street spectacles - Trinidad and Tobago Carnival!

As always, Carnival is a time of revelry, merriment and emotional release.

While I appreciate the spirit of freedom which engenders Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, I make a heartfelt appeal to all citizens to exercise due caution, safety and responsibility during the Carnival season.

Whether you opt to participate in the Carnival fetes and shows, competitions, parade of bands or join family and friends in beach or river 'lime', I encourage you to take responsibility for your own life even as you act as your brother's and sister's keeper.

Obey the laws of the land, respect the law enforcement agents and please practice vigilance at all times.

I assure you that the Government has taken appropriate measures to safeguard all citizens and visitors during our Carnival celebrations.

We have ensured that our streets and main events venue are fully protected by the security agencies.

But even as Government has done its part, I urge all citizens and indeed, all visitors, to ensure that you do your part to ensure you and your near and dear ones are safe.

I am appealing to everyone to please make an extra special effort to take care of OUR children and ensure that they are protected from harm.

Let us take every precaution to prevent the Carnival Season from being marred by the death or harming of our children, and indeed, the death or harming of any citizen or visitor in this land.

Please remember that Carnival is not an excuse for recklessness, promiscuity or disregard for the Law.

I urge you to let maturity, discipline and good sense temper your celebrations. Let us work together to make Carnival 2011 the greatest, safest show ever produced on our shores and enjoyed by the World.

My friends jump up, dance and enjoy your Carnival but please exercise tolerance, decency and moderation.

Let us truly show the world why Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is indeed the greatest show on the world stage. Let us all unite once more to make our country proud.
Have a safe and enjoyable Carnival 2011.


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