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Riot Squad Provoked The Picketing Fracas
Posted: Monday, December 21, 2009

By Stephen Kangal
December 20, 2009

As a participant in the peaceful, legal and orderly picket conducted on the northern precincts of Parliament on Friday 18 during the debate on the controversial property tax bills I can say categorically that these armed to the teeth riot squad policemen acted on pre-meditated decisions and intentions to arrest Comrade David Abdullah. They in fact indulged in an act of unnecessary provocation while the picket was proceeding smoothly and being conducted in a most orderly, peaceful and legal manner to create a basis to arrest him.

The pavement was still passable to pedestrians although there was none in sight. When a riot squad policeman is trained to fight and you arm him to the teeth with an automatic weapon he feels that he is a superhuman. He is ready for the kill.

There was no need for any police intervention in the picket. Their ill-timed and foolish action created a huge media event that was immediately beamed to Copenhagen where PM Manning was seeing Danish marchers and demonstrators. The stocks of the PNM have been severely damaged by this savage unleashing of police brutality on innocent protesting citizens. The front of our Parliament has now assumed the notorious status of a Caribbean Tiannamen Square.

Their unprovoked brutal wielding of their batons shown on the television screens intent on inflicting injuries to innocent people must be condemned in the strongest of terms. It was an over-kill response to a non-existent, imaginary threat to law and order. Contrary to Minister Imbert there were no mega-phones. In the marches of Copenhagen yes--but not in POS on Friday last.

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