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Woodford Square Statement on Property Tax
Posted: Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Posted: November 24, 2009
Caroni Assembly of Villagers

The following Statement was delivered at The People's Democracy Rally by Stephen Kangal. The Rally was held at Woodford Square on Sunday 22 November 2009. The People's Democracy is a new civic society group with its membership consisting of trade unions and NGO's and numbers 44 so far.

Please see list of organizations attached at the end of the article.

Sisters and Brothers all

Good afternoon!

I will need two hours to present the case for the complainants against the PT. But I have been allotted 10 mins. You can read all the arguments that I have cited in the booklet that I wrote against the Property Tax.

I am authorized by the 44 labour unions and civic society organizations within the history-making People's Democracy to make a request to you my Sisters and Brothers today assembled in Woodford Square.

Please we want you to join us in sending a loud message to the Manning Administration.

What is this message? The People's Democracy calls upon the Government to immediately withdraw the unilateral imposition of this unprecedented radically draconian, astronomical, callous, insensitive, abominable, pauperizing and inhumane new Property Tax (PT).
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