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Satanic Verses, Biblical Violations and the Property Tax
Posted: Monday, October 26, 2009

By Stephen Kangal
October 26, 2009

I have already surrendered to Caesar what is Caesar's by way paying his many fiscal dues and entitlements that are increasingly being levied on me. I retained on behalf of God what really is His. I proceeded to invest a large part of the remainder in a home that is in fact His temple. I foolishly thought I was par for the course. But here comes the cruel and inhumane, dimpled-cheeky tax-collector intent on reaping and extracting from the meek of the earth what he did not sow. This is in total violation and infringement of all New Testament, Koranic and Karmic principles.

Like the two iconic servants who were rewarded in the Parable of the Talents we wisely invested our God-given talents in building an humble shelter that quadrupled in value. It brought us returns in clear and reasonable expectations that it would tide us over and sustain us in our non-income generating years of declining fixed pension purchasing power. But even that that we hath, including the widow's mite, which is in fact derived from making wise investment decisions based on the capitalistic ethic is now poised to be taken away by September 2010. We are being punished and treated like the servant who buried his talents in the ground for fear of his acquisitive and cruel master. Our homes will be sold or auctioned away to pay for the Emperor's largesse, his minstrel band, his fleet of mercedes and for the continuing Sweet-Hart deals of UDECOTT.

This Prodigal Son of San Fernando bent on assuming a dog collar post-Whitehall has spent $300bn of our money indulging in riotous living and spending in many foreigners -dominated including Sino- escapades. He returns after his splurge to us, the real masters of the national patrimony with pomp and arrogance- not seeking forgiveness. He is shepherded by a non-penitent white, bloodless Hart. Their mission now is to extract and confiscate even that we think that we hath in the bank and which Ponzi-schemers Duprey and Harnarine appropriated. These schemers bought lands and properties in a far country with our hard-earned savings with impunity under the Emperor's watch and are walking our streets freely laughing their way to the banks.

The Rich Fool dismantled his previous residence in times of plenty ($300bn). With delusions and false expectations of holding on to a Latin American-style Presidency-For-Life he used Chinese slave labour to build in record time new barns in La Fantasie Gardens. He is completely insensitive and indifferent to the daily expressed will of the electorate that the PNM is in terminal decline resulting from mismanagement and wasteful spending. He will have no use for his new barns like the Biblical Rich Fool of which Benny Hinn spoke so prophetically.

The Koranic principles regulating the concept of Zakaat forbid the levying of such an astronomical tax on the immoveable property of the faithfuls.

For the Ramcharitmanas-based Hindus their homes constitute a holy mandir. Their lands make up Dharti Mata. The resources left in their pockets post-taxation are what are theirs after the prescriptions of Karmic theology have taken its course. To take " bahoot paisa" away especially from the poor and indigent in such a draconian fashion violates sacred Ramayanic principles.

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