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The Lingo King Reigns Again
Posted: Saturday, February 2, 2008

It is not very often that we in the blind community experience public victories that demonstrate that regardless of our challenges, we can compete on an equal footing with anyone, if given the OPPORTUNITY. Sadly, even when we do attain success it is common for many to attempt to ridicule and diminish our efforts by declaring that, "yuh only win because somebody take pity because yuh blind."

I am quite sure that anyone witnessing the eloquent and lyrical beating that the Mighty Lingo put on Short Pants at the Extempo Calypso Finals left no question in anyone's mind about the extemparenious linguistic brilliance of the Lingo King. As is common in Trinidadian society, Short Pants felt that no blind man was equal to him and resorted to taunting Lingo about his blindness. Little did he know that this tact is something that we in the blind community are very familiar with and so Lingo was ready for him. It only took a few masterfully crafted gut-buster comedic lines delivered with effortless jujitsu level precision to demolish "smarty pants" I mean Short Pants, before he could figure out what hit him.

We at the Torres Foundation for the Blind wish to offer our heartfelt congratulations to Joseph La Placeliere the Mighty Lingo, for winning the extempo crown for the second consecutive year. He has proven yet again that blindness is only an inconvenience. There is so much that people who are blind can still achieve if given the OPPORTUNITY--with the emphasis here on OPPORTUNITY.

Great is the Lingo King and long may he reign.

Ancil Torres, President
W. R. Torres Foundation for the Blind

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