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Wallerfield Water Woes
Posted: Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Four days and counting, no water in Wallerfield! When contacted, WASA officials were unable to say why this is so and when our water supply will be returned.

For the past five months, Wallerfield has been experiencing water shortages. Indeed for several months, Wallerfield got an average of one day a week. If the entire nation was called on to sacrifice and water
supplies were evenly rationed, this will be understandable. However, our research shows that many areas enjoy a twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week supply of water, while some areas like Wallerfield are expected to suffer.

The excuses given to us include: electrical servicing at North Oropouche Facilities, low levels at Aripo and "we donít know".

Wallerfield farmers pay a higher rate for water than most households; we demand that WASA explain to the nation the method used to "share" water.

We demand equity in the distribution of water.

Until this is done, Wallerfield farmers will have no choice but to conclude that WASA is in collusion with ETech and HDC to chase Wallerfield farmers from Wallerfield to make way for their new city. Come on WASA, let us know why some areas are "more equal" than others.

For every creed and race to find an equal place; Wallerfield should have as much or as little water as every other area in Trinidad and Tobago.

Sookram Ali,
Wallerfield Farmers

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