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The East Indian Challenge
Posted: Monday, May 28, 2007

By Stephen Kangal
May 28, 2007

The genuine way forward to nation building for the Indian Community is identifying the challenges to be faced in forging a New Arrival in which entrepreneurship and professionalism (social and economic mobility) must go hand in hand with programmes designed to increase and promote human welfare and progress notably in the rural communities.

We all must want to create a just and caring people-centred society in which all groups will feel a sense of ownership of Trinidad and Tobago and where no one feels excluded or limited in its quest for excellence. All must play their part and not benefit vicariously from the work of other citizens.

The Indian community benefited enormously from the work of the Canadian Missionaries in education. It is time to give back to society.

The Challenge of Transforming the Concept of Indian Arrival Into a Platform to launch the Next Level of Nation Building/ Achievements

It is to be hoped that the observance of the festivities and celebrations organised to commemorate this important socio-economic historical event of the arrival of the Indian Community on 30 May 1845 in Trinidad via Nelson Island from Calcutta will have great significance for and be appreciated and understood by the entire multicultural community of T&T in order to facilitate a new era of cultural co-existence.
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