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Mr. Hinds Should be Tarred & Feathered!
Posted: Thursday, August 24, 2006

By Michael De Gale

Incompetent, unconscious, unconscionable, and an imbecile, Fitzgerald Hinds is an embarrassment to the PNM, his constituency, the legal profession and Black people everywhere. I've stopped being surprised when I hear the utter nonsense that emanates from the mouth of this brother; however, I continue to be consistently embarrassed. To state in Parliament that his British counterparts assured him that, "T&T is as safe as London," despite the unprecedented number of murders, is a clear indication that Mr. Hinds is either a buffoon or he is just plain stupid. He certainly seems to have no sense of history for if he did, he would understand why his British counterparts will make such a statement. How does one rationalize the fact that in a population of just over 1.2 million and an area of approximately 1,864 square miles, 253 people have been murdered to date? By comparison, in Toronto with a population in excess of 2.5 million, less than 50 murders have occurred over the same period. Must we always aspire to the lowest common denominator?

Mr. Hinds should know that historically, the British has had no respect nor regard for Black life. It is therefore not surprising to learn that they do not see a problem. As long a Black youth continues to kill each other they will never see a problem. God knows that they have murdered, maimed and raped enough of us with impunity over a period of 400 years. In that context, the fact that they are not appalled by the unprecedented number of murders in T&T is very understandable, but Mr. Hinds does not have to concur.

If Mr. Hinds should repeat such nonsense in any other House of Parliament and try to sell this as a positive thing, his resignation will be immediately demanded. Such a statement shows an utter disregard for human life and a ministry, whose leadership is incapable of effectively executing its mandate to ensure the safety of citizens. Mr. Hinds is the classic example of a mis-educated Negro, who will sell his soul and his constituents to gain the approval of and rub shoulders with those who in his mind are greater than himself.

Despite his Rasta hairstyle and deep dark hue, Mr. Hinds is a good house Negro and an obedient pet. He reminds me of the children's story called, "The Emperor's New Clothes" in which the emperor was convinced that he looked smashing in his fine attire, when in fact he was stark naked. More appropriately, I am also reminded of George Orwell's poignant novel entitled, "1984" where it became increasingly difficult to distinguish pigs from people. For vocalizing this hogwash, Mr. Hinds should be tarred and feathered. There are those who I am sure would argue that Mr. Hinds is already tarred, OK! Then he should be feathered.

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