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Judgment Day For The Silver Fox
Posted: Thursday, April 27, 2006

By Linda Edwards

In the unprecedented judgment that Mr. Panday will go to jail for corruption, I see some real possibilities of change in TnT: Here is my wish list and comments.

1. I hope we earn a better rating on the Corruption Index that Transparency International issues periodically. Many parts of the world are corrupt. We are publicly doing something about it. We need to be promoted above Bangladesh, at least.

2. I hope that that gadfly Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj finds peace within his soul. He knew all along that his leader was corrupt, and he paid the price for saying so. Those who still think that "even if it name Crapaud, if is we party an' we go vote for he", may now rethink their positions. (Remember the $50,000 donation from abroad meant for the party fund?)

3. I see that President Robinson was right to give Manning the nod back in 2001. (The Privy Council has also found that Manning did no wrong in staying in office).

4. The cost of major projects should drop since everyone connected with them should be as transparent as clear crystal; there will be no cost overruns to line personal pockets.

5. Ish should take in front and surrender his Chaguaramas Hotel to the Government, before they seize it.

6. The generous benefactor of the Panday children, who gave the wife some small change for the children's bills that her husband did not bother about, would put an equal ten million or so into special projects in the Laventille area, especially in the field of additional educational services.

7. This message, of prosecuting the highest crooks would be picked up by the Government of Nigeria who should indict the US Vice President Cheney on corruption charges, since his company Halliburton admitted to bribing a Nigerian official three million US to avoid paying a ten million dollar tax levy. Corruption has a briber and a bribee. Its never one man alone. Cheney was in charge at that time.

8. The airport bribery and corruption scandal - of which this London account was a big player - should proceed, and the government must build an extension to the maximum security wing at Golden Grove in the meantime.

9. It should become the motto of every youth group in the nation that honesty and integrity matter, and crime, including white collar crime, does not pay.

10. The government should review the compensation packages of the police and military people. A decent wage is a motivation towards honesty.

11. Government property, that has a way of quietly disappearing off the books, should be returned quietly, whether they be 4-wheel drive vehicles owned by the Mininstry of Works in the previous government or dump trucks that were part of the airport project or whatever.

12. All those on the public payroll who are inclined to cheat by not putting in a fair day's work, should start really earning their pay lest the forensic auditors get them in their sights.

13. All the time wasting that some members of Parliament indulge in to distract from the people's business should now cease, and all should get to work nation building instead of name calling.

14. The Director of Public Prosecutions should look into filing corruption charges against the doctor mentioned in Dr. Bartolomew's case of misdiagnosing and overcharging. He should however, make sure that if he gets sick, he has a quick exit to a hospital in Cuba, Miami or Jamaica. Alternatively, he should have a family member who is a doctor.

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