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Jack - The Political Opportunist
Posted: Friday, March 31, 2006

By Stephen Kangal

Mr Jack Warner although canonised as "the great unifier" by the "shankar acharya" brings no political capital to the UNC coffers except his money and his motley tricks. He is a standing political comic that is fast becoming obsolete in the politics of T&T.

I and so many others have cherished the thought that the adulation that followed Jack's World Cup success in the East-West Corridor would have been translated into electoral support and really united the Corridor with the Central heartland in a grand invincible coalition.

Jack Warner could have at least have brought in his hometown/seat of business marginal seat of Tunapuna where he taught at the EC School. That he would really now expand the political contours of the UNC. In fact Jack could have staked his future political prospects in the marginal seat of Chaguanas East where he grew up as an urchin before his meteoric rise to fortune.

But Jumping Jack was acquired in bartering on the political futures market with a promissory note of a safe seat in the heartland as the quid pro quo for his "turn coat" politics. Jack the coward now wants the safe UNC seat of Chaguanas West eyed for some time by the Chaguanas Mayor. He will be made Ag. Political Leader of the UNC (over Ramesh dead body) when he finishes with his WMD (Winston Must be Destroyed).

Jack has neither credibility nor popularity in the East-West Corridor because for him political truth does not have a shelf life in excess of twenty-four hours. A man of principles cannot afford to say what he said yesterday does not apply today. Principles are based on consistent behaviour and a uniform value system. How can he ask others to resign on the basis of principles when he himself is not a man of principles.

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