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'A Race To The Bottom'
Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2006

Re: A race to the bottom

by Linda Edwards

I was pleased to see that the article titled above, and published Jan. 4, agreed with the position I took in "Scared To Live In TnT" which was published earlier. Most ex-colonials live in a fool's paradise, believing that things are better in the old "Mother Country" or some place other than home.

That article exposes the fact that the upper classes in all societies exploit the lower classes, and racism is only one tool that ensures that a small minority of self annointed rulers keep hold of the reins of power.

Remember the old English poem:

"Oh, England is a pleasant place for them that's Rich and High,
But England is a cruel place for such poor folks as I."

The writer went on to sing the praises of a life in the isles beside the Spanish Main.

Some things have changd, but the loss of culture, the anomie of immigrant children, the racism that assumes that the dirty work must be done by someone else, an immigrant of a different skin color; and the lingering racism of the :"Black Death"- bubonic plague, possibly a Chinese import, turned the skins of European people black long before Atlantic slavery and so dark skins were feared as early as the 1200's- have left their mark on England. That may never change.

People in those desperate, materialistic cultures still look to Caribbean Paradises for a week's ease from the agony of living. They dream of places where they are nurtured by, not a hundred virgins of a Muslim in Paradise, but by willing hands of numerous servants of dark hue- Kipling's paradise without the diseases of early India.

When that idyllic vision is ruined by daily reality, they blaspheme the country and all its people. Good sense in a thinking mind could have educated them otherwise.

Keep exposing myths. It is your appointed work. Glad you are there and widely read.

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