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Must Must Go Resolution
Posted: Saturday, October 29, 2005

by Stephen Kangal

Resolution Adopted by the Constituency Executive of Chaguanas In Support of the Leadership of the UNC by Mr. Winston Dookeran

Bearing in mind that former Political Leader, Mr. Basdeo Panday signed the nomination papers in support of the candidature of Mr.Winston Dookeran for election to the post of Political Leader of the UNC at elections held on 2 October 2005;

Aware that Mr. Panday spent a considerable period of time devoted to convincing Mr. Dookeran to accept the Leadership of the UNC that Mr. Panday, on his own volition and political judgement, wanted to demit;

Convinced that Mr. Panday also willingly consented to hand over the post of the Leader of the Opposition to Mr. Dookeran as an integral part of the discussions and conditional to Mr. Dookeran's acceptance of Leadership of the UNC;

Desirous of eliminating the anomaly as well as the political embarrassment arising from the untenable political situation in which Mr. Dookeran has been duly elected the Political Leader but Mr. Panday continues to retain the position of the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament;

Unimpressed by the artificial and convenient construction and separation of the provisions of the T&T Constitution and the UNC Constitution to justify retention of the post of Leader of the Opposition;

Taking into account that Mr. Dookeran was elected unopposed to the Leadership of the UNC on 2 October 2005;

Anxious to alleviate the stress, trauma, agony and embarrassment being experienced by the general membership in particular and the support base of the UNC in general arising from the convulsions and turbulence of the current dual, counter-productive leadership scenario;

The Constituency Executive of Chaguanas meeting on Wednesday 19 October 2005 has agreed as follows:

1. Calls upon the Chairman of the UNC, Mr. B. Panday to demonstrate magnanimity and political maturity and accordingly to hand over the post of The Leader of the Opposition to Mr. Winston Dookeran and to call upon all 16 UNC MP's to support the new Political Leader as the new Leader of the Opposition;

2. Urges all the officers of the newly elected UNC National Executive to pledge and show their support to the new Political Leader and not to engage in action, individually or as a collectivity, calculated to embarrass and marginalise the Political Leader, Mr. Winston Dookeran;

3. Persuades the Chairman of the Party, Mr. Basdeo Panday to assume the requisite position of neutrality befitting the Chairmanship of the UNC and to desist from any action that can be interpreted as a form of isolation and non-co-operation with the new Political Leader;

4. To call upon the National Executive to cause to be conducted an inquiry by the Independent Election Commission as requested by the Political Leader, into the questionable circumstances that led to the Honourable Gerald Yetming having been elected Vice-Chairman of the UNC at the October 2 National Executive Elections by a margin of 78 votes was replaced by Mr. Vasant Bharath consequent upon the recount;

5. Calls upon the Member of Parliament for Chaguanas the Honourable Manohar Ramsaran to monitor developments relating to the post of Leader of the Opposition and to act in collaboration with the Political Leader.

19 October 2005

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