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Foolishness, Natural Constituencies and Montano (D)
Posted: Sunday, September 4, 2005

(Part I )

By Stephen Kangal

Thank you for empowering me to exercise my Constitutional right (Part I, Section 4 (e)) and freedom to express political views geared to stem the tide of and unmask a genre of ethnic divisive politics being prosecuted by Labour Minister, Senator Montano (D). It seems to me that foolishness and racial taunting have been given new impetus by Montano (D) in his egocentric quest to justify his PNM senator-ship and earn his keep.

Montano (D) recently rationalised his planned importation of the Jamaican 'yardies" (opposed by 70% of T&T population) on his arrant foolishness that T&T, a sovereign Caribbean independent state is similar in legal status to the municipal relationship that exists between Mississaugua and Toronto. He even branded all Indo-Trinbagonians as belonging to a "natural UNC constituency" (Guardian 17 June, p.14) and by corollary all Afro-Trinbagonians are a natural PNM Constituency. This foolish, unnecessarily divisive and racist (couched euphemistically) statement, the pronouncement of an ethnic minority member, must be discredited by all citizens.

Montano (D) himself would appear to resemble a minority natural Portuguese constituency. He travels through Couva daily en route to POS. He pretends not to know the whereabouts of TIIT. But he knows that it is located in the cane-fields of Couva. Point Lisas, the flagship of our industrial base is also located on former cane-fields. He also spoke disparagingly of the cane-fields of Caroni and by extension those who benefitted from its training facilities. Canefields support the second most important industry that fueled our economic progress hitherto. But that is OK for him because in his brand of foolishness he has been supported by Ministers Imbert and Rowley.

Does the Labour Minister know, as he ought to, that both San Fernando Technical and John D are also built on lands of former cane-fields? The majority of their current enrolment resembles a natural PNM constituency? Was this a diabolical plot also? The same cane-fields that his Cabinet is hell bent on destroying have now emerged as a potential cash cow for producing ethanol (replacement for MTBE in US) and cellulose for making films. These by-products are many times more lucrative than the traditional sugar, bagasse and molasses for producing rum.

Montano (D) however recently walked through the cane-fields of Caroni Village and Frederick Settlement feigning an Indian friendly face simulated to woo Indian (natural UNC constituency) votes for the PNM in his capacity as Shadow MP for Chaguanas. His July visit resulted in a grand total of eight flood-relief hampers being distributed to eight of those who patronized his Community Centre meeting (natural PNM constituency) held in Caroni.

Readers from the Southland will recall that the success of the Montano Empire in San Fernando can be attributed to the earnings generated by the cane-fields of Central and South. This is the basis on which Montano’s coinage of the euphemism of "natural constituency" politics have reconstituted him into an "assal neemakharam" taking into account those Indo-T&T who patronized and supported Imperial Stores and voted for the PNM in thousands.

Montano by his new ethnic-based paradigm of "natural constituency" politics has divided and consigned 82% of our population- African and Indian brothers and sisters to visible ethnic enclaves reminiscent of authentic, detached, condescending Portuguese colonial practices. Montano (D) must learn to be politically correct by bridling, concealing, controlling or masking the festering contempt that he harbours against the Indian community.

But more anon.

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