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Messing With The Gene Pool?
Posted: Sunday, August 21, 2005

A New Theory That Attempts To Make Sense Of Senseless Murders In Trinidad and Tobago

By Linda E. Edwards

It has occurred to me that my writing about the constant violence against women by spouses and lovers in Trinidad and Tobago has been falling on deaf ears. As I looked at the headline in Saturday's Express, I wanted to comment "Another One Bites The Dust". Then I checked myself. This was a woman, a mother, one with two boyfriends, plus the father of her child, reminiscent of the wife of Bath's "Other company in her youth;" and she was dead, brutally dead at the hands of a lover whose house she visited.

Her death followed in such quick succession the death of the woman found in the cesspit, whose infant son was found floating in a river, that I am about to conclude that this must be some demonic population management issue; not just the continued murder of women by irate control freaks, who say they love them. Love kills in Trinidad and Tobago, it seems. If you are a woman, love kills. If you are an Indian woman trying to be modern, and have boyfriends and open a business and such, love is even deadlier.

It is as deadly for Indian women as it is for young African males in the Morvant-Laventille area. Now, I am looking at a new theory to explain these murders.

Here is what I think. There is a grim reaper out there trying to harvest the organs of young people for use on the bodies of older worn out people whose lifestyles have resulted in serious medical issues- kidney failure in particular. This grim reaper knows that a throat slitting, or a gunshot to the head leaves a thorax and abdomen full of useable spare organs which, if harvested immediately, could save the life of some more useful people in the society- oligarchic rich businessmen for example. And so, a comment that there is no shortage of available organs, made by a health official, comes into play. Where are these organs coming from? I know of no place in the world that has an adequate supply of transplantable organs. But, somebody recently said that we had, and I began to look at murder statistics differently.

Not everyone seems to be in on the act yet. Throwing the murdered victim's body in a cesspit is damn foolish. Who wants organs that are already putrefying , with worms and all? The same is true for throwing a kidnap victim's body by the side of the road, five days after he is dead. Such a corpse is only good for cremation and quick burial, but a nice clean throat slashing, a death from foot chopped off, a stabbing of a teenager in Tobago- these can contribute good, healthy organs to the demonic pool of "no short supply".

So, what healthy organs were harvested from Corporal Guerra during his autopsy? He looked and sounded so fit, and being mixed race, his organs could probably go into anyone. (People in the medical field already know that race is not a factor in organ donation, blood type is, so no one should jump in my face to point that out, please.)It may be kind of nicer however, to have gotten an organ from a handsome man, just in case part of his gene pool is transferable. Think again of the pretty women murdered. Think again of the most recent one, from Saturday 20th's papers.

There might be a second phase to this deadly conspiracy to murder young people. It can change the gene pool in some major ways. Most of the dougla people in TnT seem to be products of African males and Indian females. This leaves two groups who may not be getting their fair share of sex and loving- the Indian male and the African female. Now frequent deaths among Indian women, as a result of murder by spouse, and frequent death of African males through murder by gang could re-adjust the balance and give these underserved groups a better chance at getting into the gene pool.

The flaw in this theory is the fatal tendency of the Indian men to drink poison, a cowardly spurt, after the murder; so they cannot influence the gene pool. They are dead.
The murders of African males often get away though, and they can influence future generations, and even if they are found and jailed or executed, it's one less sexually prolific African man in the pool.

This has to be the only acceptable reason for the senseless murders of Indian women and African men.

I used to think that Indian men resented their women moving up in the world, and trading endless roti making for an education, a car of her own, a job in a bank or other public interface position, the ability to change her hair colour every weekend, to get her eyebrows plucked and her nails airbrushed. Pure idleness and expensive indulgences these are, instead of growing melongene in the backyard garden, with some bodi and ochro thrown in as was tradition. I used to think that resurgent Hinduism was partly to blame for these murders, just as resurgent Islam was responsible for the stoning of women to death in Middle East places, but I now know I am wrong. It's the organ harvesters and gene pool mixers who are behind all this.

Somebody is working on a super-race plan. This plan would produce an unidentifiable Trini, brown in colour, who blends so completely the two major races, with inputs from the Chinese and the Syrian communities that you really would not be able to tell anyone from anyone else. Their skins would be sun-resistant due to the melanin in their African mothers' complexions, they will not be too big physically, that trait would be contributed by their Indian fathers. The Chinese and the Syrians would contribute business acumen and money. Genetic selection would control the number of males to females birthed so that older men, with organ transplants, would have a better chance of mating. Anyone deemed mentally defective would have an accident of the shooting or falling on knife sort, that would leave vital organs intact.

Having thought this plan out, or rather having figured out what is in the minds of the demonic oligarchy now controlling Trinidad and Tobago, I'll cease to grieve over the murders of young Indian women and strong young African men. It's all for a good cause. Mothers, relatives, stop your grieving? Do you not have any sense of patriotism? Your child's death is a contribution to national development.

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