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"Charity," Condoms for Children
Posted: Monday, May 19, 2003

Posted By: Susan
Date: 17, May 03 2003

The distribution of condoms outside our nations schools is neither charitable nor wise.

Nevertheless what it did was bring to surface the uncertainties of our current state with regards to sexual freedom. This action insulted those in our society, who prefer to delight in the sport of silent speculation about sex and sexually transmitted diseases.

The Youth Delta Organisation, which is affiliated, with the YMCA Youth Outreach Programme, took the responsibility to distribute condoms to students outside the Woodbrook Government Secondary School and the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago, vowing to take further steps by maintaining constant supply to other schools around the country.

(The grouse within Youth Delta is that the Ministry of Education should include "Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health" on the curriculum. Nothing is wrong with that.)

The question is who is responsible for the sexual orientation of youths.

Most people would agree it's the Parent. Some would say the Church. If the parents and the churches have failed, then Mr. Grant should first take his whinge direct to the source of ignorance.

In front of the Catholic Cathedral after Mass on a Sunday morning is a good place to start. Since the Catholic Church is utterly against all forms of contraception. Some say the value of virginity is made obscure by paedophilias. Hiv/Aids knows no racial barriers so two evenings outside the Lakshmi Girls Hindu College of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha would create a good balance in the choice of 'targeting' Students.

Since "Charity" should begin at home why not go house to house in Laventille, Belmont, West Moorings and Valsayn by past parents and seek out students and incest victims.

Sure incest is deemed wrong, but since Grandpa or Uncle might do it any way, why not give a condom?

How far will you take it? Who and what is the root of our sexual ignorance.

Pulling at the tail of a serpent would only gladden its appetite.
Why compromise the ignorance of children, in a coward approach to make a point.

It is against the Law of the land to have sex with children under the age of 16yrs. It should also be against the law to give or sell condoms to Students under the age of 16.

75% of the time giving a condom to a child would create a situation where curiosity will prevail over good judgement and common sense. If the Ministry of Education, the Parents and the Churches which all constitute adults, did not do their part…will giving condoms to children solve the problem. And what really is the problem anyway?

It certainly isn't Sex. As Youth Delta would have us believe. Teenagers have been having sex for generations. Once you wear a condom sex is no problem. Not so?

Mr Grant can send his literature to Education Minister Hazel Manning and present her with condoms in alphabetical order, yet all that will not release the sleep of ignorance that prevails.

If teenage pregnancy and Hiv/Aids is the real issue then students should be made aware of the dangers of modified intelligence. Every effort should be made to educate them about how Hiv/Aids and all other sexually transmitted disease can threaten their quality of life.

People do not drink 'gramoxzone' for fun because they 'Understand' they will "DIE."

If students 'Understand' the truth in depth about The Aids Virus and its 'Origins' most of them will use their better judgement.

Most, because many children come from homes where parents are not the best examples of expressing virtue in sexuality. Since children live what they learn, putting on a condom would not change an irresponsible quality of thinking.

Students sit in classrooms with teachers who do not understand their own sexuality, so how can such a tutor encourage children to be comfortable with theirs.

Immature Students engaged in sexual activity will not become more conscious or responsible with a rubber at the end of their penis. Development of the Whole Child is the recipe of the wise.

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