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Delayed Karmic Justice
Posted: Friday, October 18, 2002

By Stephen Kangal MOM

This T&T-electorate, for whose enigmatic sophistication I continue to harbour the utmost respect and accordingly will not mess with it, accords no mercy on those who commit puerile political hara- kari and then proceed to attribute blame for their political faux pas in the most cowardly and pathetic manner to others.

The mistake committed by Mr. Manning in 1995 has now been surpassed by that of Mr. Panday in October 2001.The electorate, at whose shrine I will continue to worship and "charharway jaals", has given a no-none-sense response in respect of Mr.Panday's intransigence using a two-stage reprimand/punishment approach. Justice delayed was not justice denied in this instance. It just took some time (10 months) for the electorate to determine the exact configuration of the verdict.

Similar to the conventional Shakespearean tragic hero there is always a flaw in those occupying the tenuous tenancy of maximum leadership. Do we remember the invincible (feel sorry for the lion) one who wanted to consign so many of his colleagues with whom he regularly shared a glass or glasses of Johnny Walker Black to the political graveyard? He and his spouse distanced themselves from Caroni- the ladder by which they did rise in preference for hobnobbing with the parasitic French creole.

Surely we remember how the chelas of Fyzabad were admonished to cover and hide their trees to avoid his erstwhile three colleagues from using the branches to hang themselves? How can we forget the humble, unsuspecting constituents of Ortoire-Mayaro being invited to lose their lives rather than lose the seat so that someone could gallery and flaunt their power in the parliamentary chambers at their expense.
Who is in the proverbial political cemetery now and anxious to meet his maker? Future Indo- political leaders must learn to curb their penchant for arrogance, indiscretions and acts of downright stupidity because "one day for police and one day for thief."

I was almost convinced from witnessing the course of recent political vagaries/fortunes that some individuals were capable not only of circumventing the prescriptions of karmic justice but also that they did not need the grace and mercy of the divine from whom life and limb is a bounty to be earned on a daily basis. The 2002 elections, however, finally concluded the ineluctable karmic job which the electorate, that one UNC Senator correctly regards as the voice of God, initiated ten months ago on December 10 last.

Let this be an instructive, learning experience for potential Indo-leadership. One cannot ride roughshod over one's colleagues, brand neemakharams right, left and centre, play God (I will live to 2012), use and abuse the electorate and escape unscathed. Karma catches up with you and rudely awakens you to the humility inherent in the concept of Dharti Mai. Karmic doctrine/philosophy/justice establishes equilibrium and balance especially among those devotees who worship in its mandirs. It is the great leveler of life defying the laws of casteocracy.

I cannot extricate myself from the sat-sayings of Mr. Justice Deyalsingh that seem to have come to fruition in the fullness of time albeit His Lordship was branded part of the lunatic fringe at St.Mary's Junction in the hustings of 2001.

He wrote: "The greatest tragedy of all and for all of us however, is witnessing this admired son of the soil. slowly destroying with his own hands the dreams for which he fought so long, and with them himself." (Newsday Oct. 2, 2001, p.49)

In 1986 we summarily contributed to a corruption-based meltdown. In 2002 comparatively speaking we did the same. Potential successors who have learnt their politics from sitting at the feet of the gurudev must as a consequence never lose their sense of truth, decency and humility and avoid bringing down fire and brimstone on their colleagues in the face of the slightest dissent.

This is not exulting in the misfortunes of others but taking steps to avoid a repeat because those who ignore the mistakes of the past are guaranteed to repeat them. Even on the hustings we must be mindful of the God who presides over us and from whom we must earn his grace and mercy. Justice even political must be and will be done.

In all sincerity I was on the verge of questioning my own belief in the Almighty as well as of His justice which He wields over the affairs of mice and men. He allayed my reservations and doubt in the most convincing and emphatic manner on October 7. Is this also the October season when we invoke and worship Durga Mata, the goddess of revenge? Well, mataji was in full flight exacting the imperatives of karmic laws and standards in Tunapuna, San Fernando West and Wimbledon Common.

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