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Panday's Fear or Fair?
Posted: Monday, September 30, 2002

EDITOR: Mr Panday's campaign of fear, that the PNM's association with Abu Bakr who once caused Trinbagonians to die and lose their property, is a major threat to this country, sounds really very hollow and nauseating to people who have lived in this country for the last 30 years or more and are not suffering from amnesia. It is the very same Mr Panday who adored, praised and fought side by side, arm in arms with Raffique Shah who like Abu Bakr was charged in our courts and freed for revolting, and leading an armed uprising against the authorities and government of Trinidad and Tobago.

Mr Panday had absolutely no fear then of terrorists or people who used guns against the authorities, and like former acting UNC Prime Minister, made statements in support of Abu Bakr.

Worse yet for Mr Panday feigned fear of former villains, ex-terrorists or criminally minded people who have been freed by the courts of the land, is the presence of Mrs. Jennifer Kernahan in his political party, who took up guns against the government of the day and many of her friends and other citizens lost their lives and property by her activities, which was also similar to that of Abu Bakr's.

This Mrs. Kernahan was made a UNC government Minister by Mr Panday and is now a candidate for that party, for a second time running in the upcoming general elections. So it seems that Mr Panday serves as a magnet to people who take up guns against our country's system of government, way of life and view violence as an option to attain political power.

Knowing that Abu Bakr once enjoyed the best of graces with Mr Panday, it seems like Mr Panday is more fair to people who have taken up arms against the state and revolted, than he has fear of them. To the contrary they all seem to be attracted unanimously to him, and they get along very fine, until he has a fall out with them, when all hell breaks loose as we saw with Raffique Shah and is now seeing with Abu Bakr.

All of a sudden these fallouts then become national issues and raging debates and now the major plank of an election campaign.

What a pity for TnT.


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