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Bush and his barnyard bulldogs
Posted: Saturday, September 14, 2002

By Ayinde, Trinicenter Staff

We cannot forget Bush's reaction to Israel's refusal to comply with UN resolutions. When the UN wanted to send inspectors into Jenin, Israel was dictating terms and conditions to the UN while Bush bluffed the world by telling Sharon to "get out now" with a nod and a wink. Now, Bush wants the UN to rubberstamp his family's surreptitious war.

When Bush ordered Sharon to leave the Palestinian regions and he did not comply they did not place a deadline on Israel. Instead, after Bush's cowboy rhetoric and Sharon's defiance Bush called him a man of peace.

It is with this same perfidious arrogance with which they seek to dictate terms and conditions to the UN with the threat of unilateral action if the UN does not comply. This hostile attitude towards the UN also reeks of racism, disrespect and disregard for its leader.

What is the use of the UN if it is only to 'make legitimate' the hostile, bulldog actions of the US government? Who made the US responsible for enforcing the UN's mandate? Why do they enforce some and not all the mandates?

Israel has weapons of mass destruction and they have shown their willingness to use it. Bush and all the Republican 'Bush-likes' know that Israel does not abide by the UN resolutions but the US continually rewards Israel for these naked transgressions. The US does not support any firm actions against Israel and may never support the UN if there was a call for military actions to force Israel to meet these terms.

This is the hypocrisy of the US government in ongoing attempts, bullying other nations into compliance to suit their economic and internal elections power plays.

It would be foolish for Iraq to act in accordance with Bush's demands, which involves allowing American spies into their country while they use the cover of weapons inspection to plant 'evidence' and create internal descent.

If it is War they want then that War is inevitable. All the UN maneuverings are about looking for ways to legitimize their brutal campaign. The 'child-managed' US Empire has spoken and all but Israel must comply.

We all know that Saddam is a brutal dictator but he is no more guilty than the US and UK misleaders who all sold Iraq the weapons and chemicals while turning a blind eye when he used these weapons on the Kurds and Iranians. They are no better for killing thousands of Afghans who had nothing to do with the 9/11 US attacks.

Repeating the diatribe of Saddam's brutality is meant to manipulate the gullible American public who are unaware of their government's overseas actions.

It is easy for foreign nations to see the hypocrisy and lies that are coming from the US/Bush in relation to their reasons or lack thereof for attacking other nations. Most Americans were ignorant of the causes of the distrust many foreign nations have for the US so they are gullible to the, "they hate our freedoms" bullshit.

Most Americans are not free; they are comatose. Freedom starts with the truth and the US government in cahoots with the mainstream media work tirelessly to ensure most Americans do not access the truth. Even when they publish it they bury it within so many distortions that it becomes difficult for the unsuspecting person to grasp. Many Americans are too fearful to trust the truth as it means taking responsibility for the actions of their government. That is certainly not freedom. Most Americans especially White Americans are mentally enslaved.

Face some facts Americans.

The US government has funded and worked with foreign terrorist organizations including Osama bin Laden. The US government has tolerated and in many respects cooperated with terrorist organizations within its own borders. The KKK terrorist groups that kill African Americans right on American soil was never a major concern to the US government except for electoral expediency. As a matter of fact the United States of America was built on terrorism, simply check the history of the US government's actions towards the Native American Indians, Africans, and Mexicans.

Bush has successfully shown that many other governments are corrupt. They have been able to bribe nations into incriminating silence or to cooperate with their brutal campaign. The lives of people are easily exchanged for tax credits or other financial aid.

It is high time Nations stop being swayed by US bribes and allow their citizenry to see their government as principled people in a firm stance against America's war on Oil Nations not under its control. Don't forget their support of the coup in Venezuela that briefly ousted its democratically elected leader, Hugo Chavez. Another subversive example of facilitating their 'Demon-critic' hypocrisy.

It is either America is with 'US' or against 'US' but for the most part America has acted against the best interest of all of 'US'.

Enough is enough from Bush and his barnyard bulldogs!

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