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Beware the purveyors of dissension
Posted: Friday, September 13, 2002

by Karibkween

My greatest hope is that the citizens of the nation use this coming election to send a message to the purveyors of dissension. It is not enough that they have betrayed out trust, decimated our economy, and reduced our political process to a spectacular parody.

They are now hell bent on taking us down into the valley of futility and fatality.

How many examples do we need from the past and recent history of other nations that followed this course of ethnic divisiveness? Are we not part of the same global community that looked on in horror while Serb wounded Croat and Hutu wounded Tutsi, and are we not appalled at what is going on in Kashmir? Are we prepared for another nation on the verge, like Guyana? If men and women of good conscience continue to stand on the sidelines we may have already seen our future. Brothers and Sisters, and I mean this in every sense, because the blood of almost every ethnic group present in our society flows through my veins; "I am Tigress Woods!" Is this, the future we want for our children. Is it not enough that successive leaders have pilfered and sold, to the highest bidder, most of their inheritance? Are they now to be saddled with the fallout from a society bushwhacked by a few power hungry and avaricious men?

Our outrage should be equivalent to the level of their betrayal. Instead of apologies and excuses, start holding those entrusted with your nation's future, accountable for their actions or inactions. This is a grass roots endeavor, if your community does not have effective, public transportation, your representative needs to take action on your behalf, if he does not then he is incompetent and you need to replace him with someone who will get the job done. "Where there is smoke there is fire" and if your representative has allowed himself to be compromised, and has now become distracted by rumor and innuendo then he needs to be replaced. Any diversion reduces his efficacy. He is a big boy he does not need you to make excuses for him. Your vote belongs to you not to a political party. Do your best to cast your vote for a candidate who is sympathetic to the needs of your community and has a genuine interest in meeting those needs. It also helps if he has developed a plan of how to go about meeting those needs.

Try to find one who lives in your community, this way you are sure that he is as ticked off as you are by the same glaring deficiencies of the one currently holding the job. It will take some effort on your part to separate wheat from chaff, so take advantage of your right to know. Remember that once he casts his lot he is fair game. By this I mean, that you have access to his genealogy, his financial history, his curriculum vitae, and all his vital statistics. So pretend this is your Hallows Eve and expose those skeletons. Try not to fall for the one spending the most money, you know the one, he is in your TV every time there is a commercial interruption. If he has, too many moneyed backers forget it; this means those money-grabbing merchants who mark up their products three hundred percent support him. The ones who peddle obsolete appliances and assorted merchandise to the unsuspecting public, who after spending a fortune on a product, has to watch it expire in less than a year. Forget about repairing it, because the manufacturer has probably gone belly-up and essential parts are unavailable. This same merchant uses every tax loophole available to avoid paying taxes. Remember taxes? It is how most other country's pay for their essential services, and maintenance of their infrastructure. Try paying your share. If it comes down to a choice between your tithes and your taxes, pay the taxes, it is much more beneficial. Then your candidate has something with which to work, and you have a right to complain about a lack of police presence in your neighborhood, or that pothole that ruined the shocks on your brand new Toyota.

How about some constitutional changes; Let us reduce the length of time he holds office; Avoid contamination by those selected by the less discriminate members of the electorate. This also serves as a safeguard against the wolf in sheep's clothing. He will be out before he can do too much damage. If you are driving by his house one-day after the election, and there are Japanese immigrants roaming about his front yard, you know you have a problem. Time to start a new campaign, there will be a new representative in office before he can squirrel away those funds for his new garden. Try to find one who has similar views. I know some of you are probably thinking that this much work may cut into your Christmas preparations, oops, what was I thinking, I meant Carnival; but have you noticed how Carnival with its requisite attitude have become a year round happening. Believe me when I tell you that it will keep. This is the least you can do for posterity.

From: Trinidad and Tobago Message Board

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