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When will we have politicians of real substance?
Posted: Thursday, August 22, 2002

by Geoff Hudson

THE EDITOR: Tears almost sprang to my eyes when I heard Ramesh Maharaj on the radio, emulating Marc Anthony in his" Friends, Romans, Country-men ..." exhortation to the masses to defy the triumvirate, in which he propounds that "Cockroach ent 'fraid fowl again" and bravely stands up for the rights of the people, personified by the poor and helpless from Guaracara and Williamsville, against the powerful political hierarchy.

Such bravery! Such defiance! Our David pitting himself against Goliath, and all for us!

Where was the persona of the people's champion, however, when his erstwhile Cabinet colleagues were making mas' with the URP, acting illegally (as he, as AG proclaimed at the time) when granting the Piarco contract and, generally, doing their own thing with the people's money and also the people's rights of fair and equal treatment under a transparent and accountable democracy?

What was he doing in those days keeping quiet and jockeying for position to assume ultimate power?

Why the brave display now he lost out?

The big question remains: When will we have politicians of real substance, real guts, real honesty who can do the right thing for all the people and stand up for what they believe in, not merely what is convenient?

Mr Maharaj, you are not alone in being one of yesterday's men.

You had your chance to show your qualities and people with any acumen have seen, heard, considered and reached their conclusions.

Sparrow said it: "When a man is finished it is foolish to play licorish".

We look for a new, younger, morally strong contingent to step forward and send the present lot into permanent retirement!

Vox Populi, not the courts Mr Maharaj!

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