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A poll was conducted in T&T and the majority of Indians feel that President Robinson's decision to choose Mr. Manning as Prime Minister was racially motivated.

Well gee, I guess when President Robinson sided with Mr. Panday for Prime Minister over 5 years ago, he was racial to choose an Indian over a black.

Get Real!! Only ignorant, non-educational individuals will run with that stupidness and convince people that everything is racially motivated when things don't go their way.

I beleive that a country strives if the people feels safe, but I don't feel safe anymore. All my years living in this blessed country, UNC is one of the worst government I have ever encountered. When They won in 1995 I didn't care if the PM was Indian, Black, Hispanic, or whatever as long as he did his job right for the people.

Well UNC has failed to do their job right; cause statistics speak for themselves. I was never a fan of PNM either, but it's my right to demand a change for my country from those selfish UNC politicians. UNC talks about equality, HA.., that's a joke. At least I could know where PNM coming from, not be a snake in the grass like UNC.

Anyway, for you Hard-Headed ignorant people who can read this email talking about racial this and that....SHUT UP and get a life. Only you can be your worst enemy.

Take care my blessed Trinidad and Tobago.

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