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Cheddi Jagan Jr, knocks Panday

Cheddi Jagan Jr, son of the late President of Guyana Dr Cheddi Jagan, said on Monday that the results of the October 7 general elections meant the end of the line for UNC political leader Basdeo Panday.

Jagan, known as "Joey", writing in a letter published in Monday's Stabroek News in Guyana, said the results were as he had predicted in a recent television interview in Guyana, and he foresaw "no resurrection of Panday's political fortunes." He called for Panday, "the veteran politician, to step down as leader of the UNC and let someone more capable have a chance. Jagan slammed Panday stating: "There goes another quasi-communist who like our own Guyanese communists in the Gang of 8, ended up paying lip service to the concepts of private sector growth combined with the decentralised and trimmer government".

He said Panday was once a close collaborator of leftist causes in the Caribbean but after coming to power he "like many other communists chose to pretend that the free enterprise system was the path to follow."

According to Jagan, "While this pretense was being carried out, the personal life of Mr Panday took a turn in the direction of grandiosity and hobnobbing with the "big shots" while becoming more and more dictatorial in his own party, a common trait of most leftists when in power," Jagan wrote.

Jagan said it was Panday's "arrogance and lack of commitment to real development" that did Panday in and it is time he step down and left.

He said that Prime Minister Patrick Manning won the elections because "he presented a vision of stability and reliability to the electorate thus receiving crucial cross-over votes from Panday's party."

Jagan said the people of Trinidad and Tobago deserve a better leader than Panday even in the Opposition.

"I wish the people of Trinidad and Tobago well and I know that with Panday now headed to retirement the country has a chance for real development and responsible leadership. Trinidad can now really exert its true potential to show the way forward," he concluded.

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