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Manning FETES while the criminals rampage!!!

The recent 8 months have seen two major genres in this country.

1. PNM fetes and PNM give-a ways at the expense of taxpayers money; and

2 Rampaging crimes with the upsurge of murders and kidnappings

Patrick manning and the some members of the PNM have gone about running this country with the arrogance and ineptitude of a BULL IN A CHINA SHOP.

They do not have a clue as to where to turn next and any movements they make seem to throw down everything that has already been built.
They are like the EMPEROR WITH NO CLOTHES. They trapeze around like they are doing something grand and ground breaking, but they are blind to the fact that all the people are watching them and laughing at the way they are making rightful fools of themselves. This embarrassment spreads deep within and some in the PNM are feeling ashamed at how their charade of administration is floundering like a limp stick when broken.

They think that they are doing all of us some kind of good deed by being in office. All they seem to be doing is re-inventing the wheel and taking this country back 40 years.

Fete after fete after fete...that is all this administration seems to concerned about and find the time to justify. But can they justify why the "Education Plan" is so grossly under managed? Why is a Patrick Manning making statement contrary to the Minister of Education, his wife? Is it because she is screwing up so much that he has to assume the mantle and cover all her mistakes?
Anyway did she PASS her MBA Exams? She seems to be incompetent in so many areas it leaves one to wonder what are some of the thing she can do well...Hmmmmmmmmmmmn?

Whenever she flops he seems to call a press conference to clarify and reassure the public that HE is now on top of things. This is a clear case of Patrick MICRO-MANAGING Hazel Manning.
This brings one to wonder if he can be so informed about the Ministry of Education then why is it we have to get such a hard time getting an intelligent response when we ask him about Security. It is a Ministry that neither himself nor the Minister Jet Lee seem to have a clue as to what is going on there. Maybe if Jet Lee was Patrick's wife then this country will get some action in CRIME. ...Do you get it, one has to give some action to get some action' I think Jet Lee is still single and he does look a little 'crooked'.

This brings us to the RAMPAGGING CRIME. Certainly Patrick takes us for a bunch of crash test dummies. Sure Patrick, it is the election that is causing murders and kidnappings, and your wife is not an incompetent nincompoop. Criminals are partying all over this country with all the ransom loot they have been gathering.

CRIMINALS: "Hell, if Patrick Manning wants to throw parties all over White Hall and in all the PNM supported areas then while THEY are partying we the criminals will organize our selves into a band of kidnappers and hold for ransom all those rich businessmen and their close relations. Man we would have a blast. We have everything going for us, a PM who hire a fool to run the Ministry of National Security and the PM convincing himself that KIDNAPPINGS are not his concern right now since he has a busy schedule."

PM: "It is 40 DAYS OF FETES, you know. Let the criminals kill and kidnap, to hell wit the victims, I did not tell them to become so rich!
Besides it is one way to re-distribute the wealth of the nation. I will close my eyes and wait for the next fete when I can lavish all my friends with the loot just collected. Let them kidnap it would be great for our campaign. Those rich UNC voters would be scared to even come out to vote. Crime is GOOD!!!"

So you see my people some of us like to drink toilet water and some of us also like to bathe in it. They say it can be GOOD for the complexion.

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Manning FETES while the criminals rampage!!!
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