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Re: Carlos John $52 million bank account

Valley: Panday can't dismiss John's bank account; UNC seeks advice from Ghany/Seetahal; and...The Carlos John deposits
1999 $32 million, 2000 $20 million

By Newsday Reporter

In the months June to December 1999, the personal bank account of former UNC Minister Carlos John and his wife, Glenda showed total deposits of over $32 million and for the months of February, March, April, May, November and December 2000, the total deposits came up to over $20 million making deposits of over $52 million in 12 months.

June 4 $590,700
June 20 $1,450,000

Aug. 16 $100,000
Aug. 16 $100,000
Aug. 18 $957,150
Aug. 25 $ 73,591
Aug. 30 $8,000,000

Sept. 6 $3,000,000
Sept. 15 $300,500

Oct. 13 $80,000
Oct. 15 $3,000,000

Nov. 3 $167,000

Dec. 9 $305,000
Dec. 13 $14,000,000
Dec. 23 $111,614
Dec. 23 $297,000

From February to December 2000, the following deposits into the same account were:
Feb. 3 $900,693
Feb. 14 $871,845
Feb. 21 $56,266

Mar. 2 $1,385,770
Mar. 3 $11,250
Mar. 17 $1,000,000
Mar. 24 $1,890,000
Mar. 27 $442,189.84

Apr. 5 $11,250
Apr. 13 $90,000
Apr. 13 $128,194.75
Apr. 28 $3,153,544.68
May 1 $50,000
May 17 $1,500,000
May 25 $1,000,000
May 26 $476,400
May 29 $889,106.93
May 31 $26,400

Nov. 7 $11,250
Nov. 14 $1,311,514.08
Nov. 22 $2,500,000
Nov. 29 $100,000
Nov. 30 $935,000

Dec.1 $150,000
Dec. 1 $100,000
Dec. 1 $15,704.89
Dec. 7 $49,800
Dec. 11 $62,000
Dec. 11 $1,250,000
Dec. 20 $49,000

John has worked for years in the private sector but became involved in the public sector activities in 1988 as chairman of the Port Authority. In 1997 he was made chairman of the Tourism Industrial and Development Company (TIDCO), and was named executive chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago Pageant Company Ltd overseeing arrangements for the hosting of the 1999 Miss Universe Pageant which was held in Trinidad. He entered Government in May 2000 when he became a Senator and Minister in the Ministry of Works and Transport. In December 2000 and 2001 he was elected UNC MP for St Joseph.

Asked about these deposits to his personal account between 1999 and 2000 Mr John denied that they had been made, dismissing the reports as far-fetched and stupid.

Speaking at a UNC news conference at Rienzi Complex on Monday UNC political leader Basdeo Panday also dismissed the report as PNM propaganda.

Valley: Panday can't dismiss John's bank account

By Clint Chan Tack

Trade Minister Ken Valley yesterday said UNC leader Basdeo Panday could not just dismiss as PNM propaganda reports that St Joseph MP Carlos John had $52 million bank deposits in 1999 and 2000 as PNM propaganda.

Speaking with reporters following a breakfast meeting at the South Trinidad Chamber of Industry and Commerce's San Fernando headquarters, Valley declared: "Does the former Prime Minister have a responsibility to inform the public of Trinidad and Tobago or provide the information to the public as to exactly whether he (Panday) has funds and how he came by it?

"Don't you want to know whether in fact Carlos John has $52 million in an account? Is that something that the national community should be concerned about? We have heard about transfers out of the account. Don't you think the national community would want to know where those funds went? I think those are critical issues."

The Minister said a future PNM government would continue to ensure there was utmost transparency in the operations of the country's State enterprises.

UNC seeks advice from Ghany/Seetahal

The UNC has been seeking advice from a number of constitutional and legal experts on the mutual assistance agreements under which the PNM government has been able to secure information about various foreign bank accounts.

It is understood that UWI lecturer, Dr Hamid Ghany is one of the experts who have been consulted. Ghany confirmed yesterday that he "had been consulted in respect of issues in Florida relating to mutual assistance". He declined to say anymore.

Attorney at law Dana Seetahal, when contacted, denied that she was working for the UNC. Asked whether she had been consulted, she said consultation was another matter. She was not prepared to say more.

It is understood that the UNC has been trying to block the flow of information coming out of England and the United States. According to Mutual Assistance agreements with both countries the foreign governments are not compelled to provide information if it is going to be used for political purposes. They are however required to cooperate if it is a criminal matter.

The Government and the Integrity Commission have sought information with respect to a foreign bank account owned by Basdeo Panday and his wife, Oma. It is understood that information is also being sought in the Airport matter about an organisation called OCIC in Florida, which was paid $10 million for services which no one has been able to identify.

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