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Re: Ramesh tipped as PNM advisor?
In Response To: Ramesh tipped as PNM advisor? ()

I see no problem with such an appointment, except that Manning should assign and maintain a special police presence around Mr Maharaj as the UNC mobs would use any means necessary to slow, stop or silence him.

The Maharaj now, is a far cry from the Maharaj of yesteryear. The man has had a checkered career and while I believe he has many things to answer for in the Great Beyond when his time comes, it is not my place to try and judge him. As an attorney-at-law he is unrivalled and up there with the very best of them. He has made his millions, many times over i might add, and, whether by fair or foul means, he has amassed his fortunes and is not in want for anything material, in addition to making him an independent thinker. Rest assured, he is a better lawyer than Panday could ever be, having nurtured the man and shielded him in many ways while he (Panday)was a fledgeling and struggling attorney.

Mr Maharaj now seeks political power, the power over men, institutions, indeed kingdoms and empires and, while his first salvo in the battle for power has been repulsed by the wily Panday, Maharaj has retired to not only lick his wounds, but to reflect and regroup for the second phase that is sure to come. The UNC will hate him infinitely, because he alone can expose their soft underbelly and reveal secrets that were unknown before, but I believe the alliance between Manning and Maharaj will cause Panday to have a war on two fronts which will considerbly weaken him. Besides, Panday. as well, will not have now the State's resources at his disposal to use as he desires.
Interesting times indeed!

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Ramesh tipped as PNM advisor?
Re: Ramesh tipped as PNM advisor?
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