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"we must look beyond the Givens"
In Response To: Quiz: Basdeo Panday in History ()

"we must look beyond the Givens"

That man has always been a true visionary, a man who stood up for integrity in public life and a voice of the voiceless. But his great ideas have now bore the fruits of his own self destruction. If only he was an African.

If only he was an African his good deeds would have been seen to be fruits of hope and prosperity. But instead his 'haters' have now using the 'HATE CARD' to demonstate to Africans that they should 'hate' the man. But the truth is that they are totally scared of how he can free them from the bondage of they have been led to. Remenber the "Pied Piper", remember how he played a tune so sweet that he led all the rats to their own demise.

T&T politics resembles Shakespearean theatre. What is being played out is a tragedy. One man's quest to protect the society has become the seeds of his own tragic demise by a society that is being fed the 'sweet' music played by Pipers, who will ultimately be free to rape,pilage and turn the country into the next Sodom and Gomariah.

It will be expected that a lot of 'Hate' would be contained in your responses and you all might try to jusify why you 'hate' and give a lot of reasons why 'hate' is your theme. Have fun you guys, it will be a learning experience, learning is fun is`nt it, I know I will.
It will be like a pack of hungry dogs ravaging a hapless prey.
Then is can actualy demontrate to the rest of society how this "HATE MACHINERY" is operating.

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"we must look beyond the Givens"
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Wise people Never 'Self-Destruct'
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