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Where is the Balance?

When one expresses a view one usually takes a position. When Red takes a position it is usually based on what is before me. Red calls 'a spade a spade' and 'gives Jack his Jacket'

The present Administration is quite correctly abusing power as we speak. The last Administration quite correctly gave the citizens a perception that they were corrupting the system.
But what does this all mean? What do we have to choose from?

Red says POWER belongs to >the people

POWER is given by >the people

POWER is granted for >the people.
From the looks of it, POWER therefore can be taken away by >the people.

Choice is a god-given gift. We are not 'lucky' to have the power to chose, we are born with it.

Governance is a system where THE PEOPLE, by way of people-created Institutions of Governance, bestow upon a handful of citizens, the power of Trustee to manage the affairs of the people. These Trustees are picked through an election poll of the person/group which the people can believe will manage our affairs the best. In this struggle to please us and coerce us to choose one over the other these wanna-be Trustees will try any thing to sway our preference. It is up to us to see the forest from the trees and remove the wool from our eyes.

Abuse of Power IS Abuse of Power
Perceived Corruption IS Perceived Corruption
Real Corruption is Real Corruption

My Bone of Contention is the past will remain the past; we the people are responsible for our future, and our present....

We hear about allegations and perceptions of wrong doing by the last Administration and the past PNM Administrations everyday in the Press.
Fair enough the past serves as a springboard from which we will base our future decisions, but our present....

Well our present is what is before us
>A PNM administration that is more concerned with making the government a tool of the PNM political campaign and less concerned with attending to the needs of the people.

>Previous PNM and UNC administrations have never abused this office before in terms of using government as political campaign machine like the way this administration is.

>Never have I seen in our short history a nation divided by an administration like it is now.

>our economy is falling into the depths of recession as we speak, and our current leader harps about "they started the turnaround in 1995". Great, but the PNM administration is also the ones who have started the recession and the subsequent economic decline.

>our potential investors have disappeared

>interest rates are too low, a dangerous position as it means banks are begging people to take loans but there are enough people qualified to take out loans

>business associations are all expressing dissatisfaction with the PNM handling of administration

>crime has gone out of control that we have to hire outside help to solve our own problems, god help us

>we have gone to long without a sitting parliament and our leader want to argue that he is not responsible it is the other half fault. Nonsense! You are the leader of the government and whether selected or elected the leader of the country is ultimately responsible for every thing that goes on. We will not accept your claim as you donít seem to have any feet to support your position.

>Patrick Manning was given a 'gift' but it seems he has abused the privilege.

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Re: Where is the Balance? Right before your eyes!
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