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"The EBC is not Beyond Corruption"
In Response To: Independence of E.B.C.? ()

Corruption is not limited to the PNM
The EBC is not above the government of Trinidad and Tobago. Even though they are an Independent Body, who says they are beyond corruption.

Your argument seems to be more Anti-PNM than Pro-Good Sense.
Truly it’s clear that the PNM is struggling to hold on to power. But to say that they are victimizing people who don’t share their views…..Hmmm!!!

The UNC was properly elected. Yet they were involved in a deluge of corruption. The PNM was selected and they are abusing power. The EBC has properly appointed persons. (Ok). But what in the world makes you think that because they are an Independent Body, they are not capable of corruption.
Are you seeing with your left eye only???
Have you forgotten when and how this whole EBC fiasco began. Both the UNC and PNM officials even thousands of the electorate had steamy complaints about being disenfranchised because of intractable absurdities or obvious sloppiness on the part of the EBC. This was all after the very EBC officials assured the Nation that they were Ready and all was well with the respective listings.

Mr. Panday himself agreed that the EBC must be cleaned up in order to facilitate free and fair elections. So on this day in our history, who do you expect would be in charge of making this a reality the commissioner of police? It is the responsibility of the President and the government of Trinidad and Tobago to ensure all State Bodies are run efficiently and effectively. “ The government have a duty and obligation to provide staff for the EBC.” [That’s a fact that needs no elucidation] Don’t get to carried away with the word INDEPENDENT, because, Government, Opposition and so-called Independent State Bodies are run by Humans. They all posses the same nature… (Positive & Negative).
They are ALL capable of corruption. So when you knock the PNM alone and turn a blind eye to the UNC’s corruption it shows…you are taking in too much of Pandays Vomit!!!
Be a bit more Balance it will smell better on you.

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