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The PNM Created This "MESS"

The PNM help to Create and is responsible for this Mess. The educated in this country, some even run the most affluent and prestigious Educational Institutions have serious problems with racial discrimination.
Now that the PNM have found themselves in the very “situation” that they have helped establish, all of a sudden innocent Patrick Manning in the robes of Pontius Pilate is ‘blinging’ with ideas. >>>”[It’s time to introduce Gender and Ethnic studies in schools./ A lot of misunderstanding and potential conflict in the country arises from misconception about race.]” <<< ‘ Delicate hypocrisy,’ original Manning style.

The PNM have exploited and benefited from ethnic voting for many years. Ethnicity has always been used to secure political strength, not just in Trinidad but also around the world. “Again, ‘look at Morvant, Laventille, Sealots and environs how they have been used and exploited by the PNM.
The Peoples National Movement had ample time to introduce and establish Gender and Ethnic studies in schools, can Manning convince himself that 30years wasn’t enough. SUDDENLY according to Manning, because ‘there is a racial balance in the country,’ (which in my view is Justice) and the comatose PNMites no longer ejaculates the advantage, we must combat the race problem. ‘ Imagine that.’
The PNM is guilty of never ever putting in place the study of African History in schools.
Manning should have a serious dialogue with his own conscience, before trying to burden
our minds with the results of the PNM’s past Political ineptitude and weaknesses.
Both Africans and Indians had to put up with colonial racism. Our entire educational system have been put together by Colonial afterbirths most of whom were nurtured within the PNM. The PNM colonialists never accepted or respected the views of our conscious men and women. Instead they continued the intellectual abuse by keeping us mentally manipulated. Seeing ourselves, and our history through the eyes of colonial ignorance and arrogance. Over 70% of our youths cannot retrospect and see themselves as anything else but mere descendants of slaves.
Now we are at an 18-18 balance and 75% of Africans are disoriented and dissatisfied with politics every move Manning makes to ‘clitorise and stimulate certain ethnic passions is deemed spineless, clawless and teeth less when it comes to attacking redoubtable issues.
The charismatic compromising Christian blush of a smile simply will not cut it. As a matter of fact it never does.
The dead cannot wake up the living; sleeping people cannot activate social awareness.
Its time the PNM communicate with the Conscious Minds of our Men and Women right here in this land that sensible social awareness may breathe again.

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The PNM Created This "MESS"
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